Monday, November 24, 2008

you no business rat soup eating insecure motherfuckers

I was having fun on a sunday night with some friends, and then, out of the sunday nights blues, I pop up with this stupid 19bernard-induced idea of doing shrooms.
Now I gots me into some weird times before, but I allll I want to say before its too late, I can supply the whole lot of you fuckers with some good shit... anyways, as I was trying to say, I was having fun with some friends at this supper right,as one of the invitees, and because of you low barn business rat soup eating insecure motherfuckers, I pop up with this idea of shrooming, just as a fucking joke, right? But this guy takes me on the serious note, and puts a fucking gram in my mouth.
Next thing you know its 3:40 in the a.m. and I's got to try to put some air in my tires, and dont ever try doing this stupid shit when you're way too high to even tell your own cat to fuck off.
Man this is serious times motherfuckers.
I got me some gears man.
What you gonna do when it all comes down eh?

I gots the war blood in me.

Its everyone for themselves man. Even though I believe in these values of honesty, and hard working, and wealth redistribution man, I know, I'm in the know, you rat soup eating fuckers, I know some of you low class fuckers are out there, and want to eat my soup, but it aint gonna happen!


Barbarosa said...

Triangular truths float better than round lies.

Karl Hungus said...

Uh-oh....did you damage some wiring?