Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worst Movie Ever

In 1990, they released the worst superhero movie ever made. Even worse than Superman Returns. Made the same year as Tim Burton's Batman, but looking as if it had been filmed in 1969. Captain America is wearing a rubber suit, and the wings on his head are made of rubber too, and they're flapping around like rubber does. Anyways. This movie and Syco's lamest albums list made me want to create my own shit list. I give you Nerdlord's list of the 10 crappiest movies ever made:

1- Captain America
2- Lady in the water
3- Indiana Jones and the kingdom of crystal (or whatever its named)
4- Jaws: the revenge
5- Masters of the Universe
6- Pearl Harbor
7- Armageddon
8- The Island
9- The rock
10- Transformers


Karl Hungus said...

What?? didn't like Skeletor invading suburban USA? But that was the essence of He-Man! Find the cosmic key!!!!

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Sneriously. And the Rock rocks! Don't you forget it!