Thursday, April 30, 2009


so I'm procrastinating on the net for my exam on Saturday, and guess what I find!

You see I used to play drums in this band 12 years ago when I was just a kid.

Oh the memories... I'm the one screaming at about 1:10...

go ahead, tell me it sucks... I don't like it neither, but some people out there still like it, thats what fazes me... and in a way, it kind of make my life worth something...

all right, it doesn't... but I had a blast playing it in the good ol days...

well no, or else I wouldn't have left the band... but I did smoke a lot of dope though... some fine dope...

Best Magician Ever! ( with fucking stupid quebecer crowd)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Might want to listen to these...

...and I mean all three, you lazy bastards.

Climate Wars

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you still don't believe in reincarnation, watch this.

This just in: Reincarnation does exist

Enjoy your life while it lasts my dear friends, because chances are you will reincarnate into something considerably less comfortable. Thats right, about 80% of the world population is in the turd world, so thats 4 chances on 5 that you'll be starving and suffering through your miserable next life, WITH NO INTERNETS.
Because next life is what's waiting for you.
Of course you don't believe me.
Well take a look at this fine young man below:

This guy is the reincarnation of a Buddhist monk who died more than 50 years ago.
Thats right, after frolicking in Buddhist paradise for some time, Geshe Jatse decided that he'd had enough and that it was about time he came back on earth to serve as the bridge between East and West. So Jatse became Elijah Ary, a montreal kid with the teeth of a vampire.
If you still don't trust my sources, check this out. Surely you won't doubt the Harvard Gazette! If you do, you're certain to come back as a gay Uzbek hustler, and pain and suffering will be the least of your concerns then.
Anyways. I hope the Buddhist God has a good sense of humor, or I better get used to the idea of being a little African girl on her way to excision.

So I was at work today and...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

now THAT's funny!!!

edit: did i mention how much i hated safari? just copy-paste the fucking link.

Fave 90's moments?

Well, to be a copy cat, remember when you first heard these fuckers?

I hated hip hop at the time but wu tang changed my opinions on the subject. There are other groups or albums that I liked more but none that really represented as much of a paradigm shift.

I would be remiss not to mention the release of the SNES as one of the key moments of the 90's... it was the first system I bought on the first day that it was available.

but more than the SNES the one thing that made me obsess the most in those early years before I discovered women and other things that make adolescents stupid (bonus: the commentator is waaaay too intense):

That's all I can think of for now. I've spent half the day studying and the other half playing street fighter so this might color my perspectives.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


click here --> Thank you Radioactive Boyscout, thank you. <--

How Super-Villains Are Born

Meet David Hahn

Looks great, doesn't he? This guy built a nuclear reactor in his basement as a kid. The photo's recent. He won't explain why his face looks this way. He refuses to be tested for radiation exposure.

You can read his Wikipedia bio here
but I suggest you read this article instead entitled:The Radioactive Boyscout

My Favorite parts are when he manages to not only build a neutron gun, but then make it even more powerful; and of course the last paragraph of the article (sorry for spoiling it) that reads:

David Hahn is now in the Navy, where he reads about steroids, melanin, genetic codes, prototype reactors, amino acids and criminal law. "I wanted to make a scratch in life," he explains now. "I've still got time." Of his exposure to radioactivity he says, "I don't believe I took more than five years off my life."


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oh yeah baby, get that funk burnin, and light up my loooooove

the forecast for the weekend is funkin perfect.

Hmmmm yeah, and I've got 3 finals coming up next week... hmmm hmmm baby, funnnnky...


Hey I just discovered a band.

They're called Battles.

Its not bad.

Could be better, if the drummer wasn't from the band HELMET

Reason not to wear a helmet #632

They make you look bad.

Unless you're killed by neighborhood thugs and manage to return from the dead in the form of a mystical figure people call The Wraith.

The Case Against Helmets. Exhibit A.

I just got back from Spazz's and he was just fine.
He actually looked better than before his bike crash.
And even though he bought a helmet, you just know he's not gonna wear it.
And rightly will he do so, because helmets are useless.
If you still don't believe it, take a good look at the picture below.

Notice how the only guy in the crash who actually looks comfortable and doesn't seem to be experimenting a near death experience is the only one without a helmet?
(the guy on the side doesn't count, he's not even riding his bike)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bike Death & VideoGame (still)

I've been thinking of shaving my legs.
You know. To go faster on my bike. But then maybe its not worth it since I'm never riding naked. Riding naked would definitely make me go faster, but then I would have to constantly explain to everyone why I'm in the nude. I've been thinking about switching to carbon components too but I need the money to buy me a copy of Brütal Legend, and another one which I will never open and which I shall bring with me in the tomb. I might just shave my legs anyways.
But the streets are not getting any safer, and my precious skull seems ever so fragile when the enemy is cutting me off in his metallic death harvester. I just cant opt for the helmet though. I mean, who wants to wear one of those things? No matter how cool they look, they will add weight to you and thus make you slower.

While blankly staring at the blog today I zoomed in on the bike explosion picture on top. Using the powers of the internets, I found out that only one dude in the flock of quagmired cyclists perished following the horrific crash. Which led me to
wonder, which one was it that lost his life?

More video stuff.

Brilliant, especially the unexpected twist at 1:25

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Bonerpants.

Fuck you. Justin TV is a plague on my productivity. I have split the day between watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, finishing an assignment and watching too much Start Trek.
Seriously, I hope one day your children force you to sit through a shitty student play or movie they happen to have a small part in and then actually ask you all doe eyed for your opinion on the subject. This is how much I hate you right now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today! 15:00. not sure where. Must scout location

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fuck My Life


How did I stumble upon this website:

Fuck My Life

There are some good stories here. They don't make me feel any better about myself, but at least I know that I'm not alone. Here are some examples:

"Today, I was walking slowly and awkwardly down the stairs on my crutches. After two steps, a screw fell out of the left crutch and it collapsed. I now have a broken arm from trying to protect my broken leg as I tumbled down two flights of stairs. Fuck my life."

"Today, we had a school assembly at 7:00pm about drinking and driving. There was a cop doing a demonstration of a feild sobriety test on stage. I was randomly selected to perform a breathalyzer test infront of all the students and parents. I blew. 06%. Fuck my life."

"Today, I saw a lesbian couple walking through the mall. One of the ladies walked up to me in the middle of the busy mall and started screaming at me about how rude it is to stare, and how we are all equal- straight or not. I was only staring because I'm a lesbian too, and they were hot. Fuck my life."

Funny thing, I noticed that a lot of the entries are by teachers of others working with kids/larvae.

Monday, April 6, 2009

And this week's prize for best looking Nazi war Criminal goes to...

John "Ivan the Terrible" Demjanjuk!!!

Looking good at 89 years old


I want to tear my face off.

(no humor intended in this post)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Here's an exchange I had on Craig's List that I found entertaining.

Some Guy: Hi there, so someone last week left a BMX in the alley behind my place and after a day & a half it was still there, so i decided that it was probably stolen cause no normal preson would leave their bike in plain sight for almost 2 days. If you lost a BMX and can tell me what brand it is and any features that set it apart from others, i will gladly return it, and would hope you would be generous enough to reward me with a small finder fee pretty fair no? And to the haters no i didnt steal it my self and am not holding it ransom, come on i am an avid bike collector & i would hate to see a kid loose his bike, so i want to do the right thing & get it back to the proper owner.

Kevin-Steeve Pelletier: Is this a joke?

If so, isn't it inappropriate to laugh at socially and morally maladapted people like that?

But then again, maybe it is a good thing since it serves as a warning of how NOT to act. The character in the joke could be nicely developped. Imagine him on a first date at the restaurant. He receives the bill, studies it, looks at his date and goes: ''You're gonna sleep with me, right?''

Or you could have him say great lines such as ''I only volunteer if its paid.''

Some Guy: Hey, if it was other people they would have just str8 up sold the thing with out even asking around if it was missing. Maybe you need to get yr head out yr azz and stopp trolling craigs and get out and get a life. i dont care if they pay me a finders fee, hell ill be the first one to give them it back for free, jut would be nice to be compinsated for being the good guy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Encyclopedia of Misanthropy, Vol 1, book 1, page 1.

I fucking hate it when someone says something like: "I do my best at work and to cope with this miserable life of mine but at least I've got my kids to remind me what's important in my otherwise meaningless life."
So you reproduced yourself.
Good fucking job.
Flies can do that!
Are they important?! Yes, to the extent that we need them as shit eaters, to dispose of all our shit.
Do your kids dispose of our shit!? NO. They create more shit! How the fuck does that make them important!?

there I've said it.
Now I can enjoy this beautiful day in all its serenity, as long as there are no fucking human larvas around.

Latest Iraqi Humour!

''An Indian man is tossing and turning in his bed in the middle of the night in his hovel in the country's poorest slum, and then he wakes up screaming. "Oh God! Please! No!!!" he yells. "Calm down, darling. It's just a nightmare," says his wife. "You're right, my love," he says, catching his breath. "But what a nightmare - I dreamt I went to sleep and woke up in Iraq!"

BBC story.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is what our blog should be.

The rules of the game are simple and the results are very surprising. Hours of fun.
And also NSFW, but that should be obvious.

New Painting (weird)

Just finished this one not too long ago. It's a shitty photo, but I explain why on my blog: Bonetrigger. This painting almost drove me crazy.

16 x 20
acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Woop! Woop!

I'm not going to the cottage! I just finished my Master's! Well, the first draft at least, but hey! It's Easy Street from now on.