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Future was yesterday series #5: Jet surf

Change that petrol engine to electric and that awful european music to anything else and strap a oculus rift onto something and you've got a pretty interesting idea.

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Ash to aaaaash


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Nicely done

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If 2014 was a (slightly retarded) boxer, then I'd be the guy knocking him out.

(you can almost hear him speak retardeese)

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How has this not made it to the blog?

I know it's only coming out next year, and I know these are rough cuts that may not even make it into the movie, but I still got a boner.

Credit to the Cardinal

He posted this on Facebook and it blew my fucking mind. Also, it reminded me that we're in 2014. Notice the headgear on the pilots at the end. Reminds me of one of my favorite games:

Dystopiasaster: Las Vegas

I was reading on American dystopias and was at Las Vegas when I learned about this. Las Vegas is a transient place. People, material, energy, everything is imported from somewhere else and goes down this vortex of vanity. This place doesn't produce shit except human misery. But there is one tangible thing Las Vegas produced in the past and it was ammonium perchlorate, an oxidizer for rocket boosters and missiles. Up until 1988, when this happened to the factory (worth watching till the 4th explosion)

And let's not forget

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Of course but...

Just Hold On!

I came across a solid article critiquing what they call the New Atheism, some examples we've recently enjoyed on our dear blog. I am sharing it because it is my belief that atheism must be as much self-critical as anti-theistic if it is meant to remain relevant and true to itself. This article offers an interesting and contrasting viewpoint on contemporary popular atheism.

Here is a sample:

"Beneath its superficial rationalism, then, the New Atheism amounts to little more than an intellectual defense of empire and a smokescreen for the injustices of global capitalism. It is a parochial universalism whose potency lies in its capacity to appear simultaneously iconoclastic, dissenting, and disinterested, while channeling vulgar prejudices, promoting imperial projects, and dressing up banal truisms as deep insights.
Hitchens, Harris, and Dawkins may masquerade as intellectual insurgents, leading a crusade against the insipid tolerance of liberal politics. But ultimately they are apologists for some of its most destructive tendencies."

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Meanwhile, back in Reality

... spaceships still look like shitty props from a Ed Wood movie!

and this is what people are getting excited about, more than 40 years after the Apollo program!

Orion Exploration Flight Test 1 - 2014 from NASA Orion Spacecraft on Vimeo.

Manned space flights are a waste of time and resources.

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Also into poop.


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Whiskey in a Jar...i Maenpaa

The snow started falling this weekend so, obviously, I broke out the Wintersun. I listened to the eponymous album, then I listened to Time I. Then I thought, hey, we're in the future, so Time II must be coming out. But some quick searching woefully led me to this:

It's fucking long. I read the whole thing so let me summarize certain key points. Jari is not satisfied with Time I, nor anything he's ever done. He states being underfunded by Nuclear Blast (the recording company) and hints at crowd funding, though he seems to refuse it. Shit, if i can afford it, I'll gladly contribute. I know Time I has it's issues but, since I got into it, I can't even listen to the first album anymore. It's that good to me. And it's 3 goddamn songs that were drowned in digital wankery! He justifies Time I sounding like a Pro Tools clusterfuck to the guitars sounding so shit that he had to hide them. In the end, he says that if he can't make albums his way (in his own studio), he won't make them at all. I don't care what it takes, I want to hear what is in this guy's head.

All this to say that I am torn. I get that this guy, at least in my esteem, really is a musical prodigy who seeks perfection at his own expense. But dammit, then I heard this:

It's a live rehearsal played over the album... and it's bloody perfect. Are those guitars shit? Really? Fuck you Jari, you magnificent bastard!

True genius is accidental.

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Humanity has landed a spacecraft on a comet.

Here are the highlights on the landing:

Also I started at MSFT at around the time this project winding down. I miss it.

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More random shit.

BSG/Danger Zone

What is this I don't even

Speaking of tim and eric this is totally legit and completely mental comercial they made

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So it's not just me...

Recently, I've been trying to better understand the startup world as I felt out of touch and needed some schooling on the current happenings in the tech world. I've been reading a lot and I'm now going to various events and doing some more in-depth research. Don’t ask why, I have my reasons.

I gotta say though, so far, it's not sitting right with me. I can list my reasons but I think that this article does a far better job than I ever could.

This one is about the dire situation in San Francisco which I can only assume is what the rest of us are quickly heading towards. You can probably guess that I found it by simply googling "startup douchebags".

The same goes for this image:

The really scary part, though, is how the author mentions that things were bad before the 2000 crash and that they are now worse. This does not bode well for us, does it? Of course, history doesn't always repeat itself due to varying parameters but you’d think we’d still heed its warning. Is the current crop of tech magnates too young to remember that far back?

I’ll stop here because my head is overflowing with bile on this subject, head bile, I guess. Shut up.

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I Can't Get Enough of These Guys

< Tim and Eric FTW!

I just discovered this site. Its an idea I actually had a few years ago, mine would have been called, incidentally, "".

(remember? I wanted to buy the domain but it cost something like 4000000$)

I find it very relaxing to read. As if all of my own rage was syphoned through a pressure differential created by all the preteen ravings.

Anyways, I found this gem:

I was coming home from work, a good day, but a hard day, A real man's kind of day, that kind of day on which America was built because of men like me and our attitude of Can do and by God, will do. You know? Yeah, you know. Anyhoo, I was cruising home, decided to get some Ice Cream, so whipped by the store and got 2 half gallons, NP, in and out in 5 minutes. Was once again on the way home, Ice Cream on the floorboard because it was on the seat until I had to hit the brakes suddenly due to some some 100 year plus senior citizen attempting to manuever their RV in a U turn, but I digress... So I was cruising down the 60, tunes blaring, a balmy 110 degrees, windows down, AC broken, when ahead of me, a young man decided to choose that time and place to end his life and jumped from the overpass and into oncoming traffic, of which I was a part. Needles to say, traffic came to a screeching halt and was tied up for several hours, so by the time I finally got home, I was hot, tired, oddly aroused, and my Ice Cream was liquid and beyond salvation. Why do bad things always seem to happen to me?

Family Fun

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I have a semi daily series of work threads where we get together and share links of random things. I kept meaning to start doing that here so I now will.
Behold my brain dump and all it contains therein!

Nintendo Announces Majora's Mask 3D. I guess now I should go and finish OOT 3D (also some new DLC for MK8)

South Park on Freemium games

Interstellar gets a 74% on RT. Still seems like my kind of movie though

Neogaf does bad game shirts, hilarity ensues.

What does water in space do? Awesome things apparently

Picard to Enterprise

Subreddit of the day


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The Universe

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There's something fascinatingly terrorizing about John Cantlie's series of 'reporting'. The guy is basically postponing his death by decapitation. By obliging to IS's reporting project. It makes me sick. Yet I can't stop watching.

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Why Did You Shoot Me?

I love how calm the victim was. I would be in shock.

Fun Science Fact!

Planck length is about 10-35 m. The observable universe is about 1027 m in diameter. So in orders of magnitude humans are much closer in size to the observable universe than a Planck length.


Somewhere on this bright blue planet exists an animal... a creature... an envaginator... an... uhhhh... oh... dear ...god... just watch for yourselves.

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Hey guys, have you been to It's got some pretty sweet content. I am not posting any pictures, for obvious reasons.

As I'm writing this, it feels very spammy, so I'm going to add a little comment that should authenticate myself: The shoe says shut-up!

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Somewhere in the universe...

Somewhere in the universe there's a planet and on this planet all you'll find are kangaroos, dogs and ponds.

And the dogs and the kangaroos they're fighting for total control of the ponds.

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Life & Death

This made me think of a reverso Cardinal Molesto.

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Insane stuff

50,456,160$ raised

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I'm sorry, but I have to admit, there are things in this world, which are - unfortunately awesome. Cars cause pollution, the environment suffers, but a fancy new ride is - unfortunately awesome. I'm chewing on a crayon, mom tells me to 'Stop it!', but it relaxes me - unfortunately awesome. Diagnosis: psychosis!, I don't care, a joint first thing in the morning - unfortunately awesome. "Stop nuclear energy!" you hear them screaming and I charge my smartphone - unfortunately awesome. Finally a new job, gotta' get up early in the morning, getting wasted in a pub - unfortunately awesome. My teeth are rotten, but they don't hurt yet, I'm not going to the dentist - unfortunately awesome. I'm decorating drunken friends, it's mean indeed, - but unfortunately awesome. Bad for the offspring, bad for the North-sea, bad for your head - but unfortunately awesome. Bad for your karma, bad for your future, bad for your job - but unfortunately awesome. No need to pretend, you like it as well, I'm a part of you. Just look around, take a look at them, they are exactly like us. No need to pretend, you like it as well, I'm a part of you. Just look around, take a look at them, take a look at them, take a look at them. Throwing out books, throwing out the shelf, my new flatscreen - unfortunately awesome. The bank sends a bill, I ain't opening it, throw in the trash - unfortunately awesome. I get up in the morning, coffee tastes delicious, I go back to bed - unfortunately awesome. I can't see a thing, everything's dark, but wearing sunglasses in the club is - unfortunately awesome. I didn't like the record from Deichkind, but their shows are - unfortunately awesome. Oh my god, who is this tramp in my bed, I must have been yesterday evening - unfortunately horny. LED lights under my bed, LED lights under my closet, LED lights under my bed - unfortunately awesome. A dragon and a warrior are fighting on a hill, airbrush painting - unfortunately awesome. Bad for the quota, bad for the quint, bad for my quad - but unfortunately awesome. Bad for the plans, bad for the belly, bad for the plot - but unfortunately awesome. No need to pretend, you like it as well, I'm a part of you. Just look around, take a look at them, they are exactly like us. No need to pretend, you like it as well, I'm a part of you. Just look around, take a look at them, take a look at them, take a look at them. I'm watching a lot, I use to watch for quite some time, do you know Barbara Salesch? - unfortunately awesome. I can't afford it, everything on credit, my card is glowing - unfortunately awesome. I'm waving the vegan, with a mouth full of minced meat - mmmmmh! - unfortunately awesome. Oh my cat is unfortunately dead, but three days of partying was - unfortunately awesome. Stop thinking, switch off your brains, follow your instincts - unfortunately awesome. I fancy the burger, fancy the tits, fancy the beer! - unfortunately awesome. Little children's hands stitching beautiful shoes, my new sneakers are - unfortunately awesome. In this song nothing rhymes at all, but no one noticed..... - unfortunately awesome. No need to pretend, you like it as well, I'm a part of you. Just look around, take a look at them, they are exactly like us. No need to pretend, you like it as well, I'm a part of you. Just look around, take a look at them, take a look at them, take a look at them. Bad for your whirlpool, bad for the truth, bad for the wok, bad for the Greeks, bad for the GEMA, bad for your god!

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Spoon game

The beauty of this game is that it serves as analogy to pretty much every political conflict going on in the world today.

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More Israeli Fun!

I must admit I am shocked at this article you can find cached here. I don't know if shocked is the proper word, but I am certainly feeling something. It feels like how you feel when you interact with someone shockingly idiotic but who thinks they are smart.

You should read the article. It isn't too long. And to be fair, the newspaper has removed both the post and the author. You can find their response here. That being said, it still reveals the feelings and intentions of Zionist extremists.

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The Perfect Stress Repellant

Also, watch out. A Mac DeMarco YoTube spiral can get weird.

Movie Magic!

It doesn't get any better than this.

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I love this man

Also, great use of the word "gobbledygook".

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A 6 year old's art

Tachyons in your face!

I don't remember who I was talking to about tachyons,

but here you go:

Pretty awesome

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How Many Men Would You Need to Kill to Forge a Sword from the Iron in their Blood?

The average man has 4 grams of iron in his blood.

According to Wikipedia, the average British longsword was between 1.1 and 1.8 kg. We'll use 1.45, the median value.

Also according to Wikipedia, the carbon content of steel is anywhere between .002% and 2.1%. Averaged, the carbon percentage of steel is 1.051%, though I doubt the percentage was anything approaching consistent (if anyone has better numbers for that please share). So 1.45kg - (1.45kg * 1.051%) = 1.4347605kg of iron in the average longsword.

At .004kg of iron in the average man, and assuming complete iron extraction from each corpse, forging a sword from blood-iron would have taken 358.69, or 359 dead men (far fewer than I expected, frankly). 

TL;DR: at 359 humans, it's one damn expensive sword to make. Original text

Under liquid in outer space

"Titan is unique in the outer solar system in that it is the only one of the bodies outside the Earth with liquid lakes and seas on its surface. The Titanian seas, however, are not composed of water, like Earth’s seas, but are seas of liquid hydrocarbons. What lies beneath the surface of Titan’s seas? We propose to develop a conceptual design of a submersible autonomous vehicle (submarine) to explore extraterrestrial seas. 
Specifically, to send a submarine to Titan’s largest northern sea, Kraken Mare. "

Shit dont get any more awesome than this.

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I know some of you have issues with pro sports. I know I do. I know some of you also have issues with team sports. I know I do. That being said, I do think that sports can play a very positive part in our lives. This past year/season, I was lucky enough to be part of a great experiment, the Ligue Fédérale des As. I think the league found said it best by enouncing the following: "Il est certain que j'aurais pu faire ça plus simple, mais à quoi bon ?! Nous vivons dans un monde aseptisé, où l'ordinaire est la norme et où le confort et l'indifférence règnent. Je n'embarquerai pas sur mes grands chevaux, mais l'homme et la condition humaine me désappointent au plus haut point, et il me semble que si chacun d'entre nous se forçait un peu pour agir positivement sur son coin du monde, on pourrait arrêter de parler de l'utopie d'un paradis sur terre, car nous pourrions en récolter ses bienfaits de notre vivant." I felt compelled to share those words with you guys. I feel that although we can disagree on minutiae, we can agree on the essence of what was written. I must say that the dude is even more inspiring that his words are since he put them to action!
You can find me in the pic if you wish.

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Sic transit gloria mundi

Fun fact: My unborn son will one day die. The clock has already started ticking!

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Worth sharing

Probably never gonna happen, but still.

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Possibly one of the coolest videos I've ever watched

It should also be noted that the ensuing YouTube vortex is one of the best you'll ever experience.

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Crazy fight

Just watching Khan is exhausting.


Intelligent Design

So I was listening to Neil Degrasse Tyson speaking on what he calls stupid design, and one of his indictments were malformed foetuses (foetii ?)

Thats when I realized I had never imagoogled malformed foetuses.



Here goes  ....

Cletus the Foetus

Foetus from the legends

I wish I knew the scientist with a lab filled with these

This one looks straight out of a Event Horizon deleted scene

The fun never ends. 

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David Heurtel

If this guy isn't the greatest cocksucker that ever lived, then I don't know who is.

I mean look at him!

He's sucking cocks by the dozens all day every day.

I dont hate him for sucking cocks. Thats his choice, and he shouldn't be blamed for it.

Though it's my right to be astounded by the amount of cock he can suck in a day.

He truly is the champion of the sucking of the cock.

Heurtel at the world cock sucking contest winning ceremony

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This gaming company looks super interesting..

Finally, a gaming company that seems focused on using the power of gaming to impact social change. It's the first indigenous-owned video game company in the US. It's using games to tell the stories of their people.

Check it..

Never Alone - Game Trailer from Never Alone on Vimeo.

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Dead Cyclists

We Montreal cyclists have become a bit like insects.
We die so much on the streets people barely notice anymore.
And when they do, they usually say its our fault, just like the splattered fly is responsable for having crashed on their windshield.
I know I'm gonna end up under a truck, and it scares the shit out of me. Not because I'm afraid of dying but rather because I'm afraid of surviving it, even if its just for a few agonizing hours. I'd rather die right on spot.
This is why I've been thinking about devising this new invention: its a headband you wear just like any other headband, except this one's filled with black powder and an impact fuse. Whenever the wearer suffers an impact, his head explodes,  thus exterminating any risks of surviving a gruesome écrapou.
Now I know sometimes it really is the cyclist's fault.
No later than today, my little sister took this picture from her balcony. The guy's riding on Pie-IX, the highway/boulevard, and Ontario, the east side's drunk junction. This guy's gonna go on riding all his life and die in bed from a peaceful natural death, while I probably will die from electrocution by a defective safety light on my bike.

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I Hope Master of the Craw Doesn't See This

So, I was fucking my daughter last night and my wife walked in. She was in shock. I don't know what she was more surprised by - the fact that I was fucking my daughter, or the fact that the abortion clinic let me keep it.

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The Beach Boys...

I don't understand all of these people that claim that The Beach Boys are brilliant. I mean, take a look at this YouTube video... classic Beach Boys... classic.

So overrated.

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La farte

Oui mais, le moratoire sur les gaz de schistes ? C'est bien le PQ qui...


ok, mais la commission sur la constru...


et la taxe santé, c'est pas les libéraux qui...


"En fait, M. Couillard a installé la machine juridique pour qu'il soit désormais possible de développer un véritable système privé parallèle au Québec."

-  François Béland , professeur au département d'administration de la santé de la faculté de médecine de l'Université de Montréal

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dead Guys

This is a village in India. Partition between India and Pakistan lead to some pretty brutal violence. The vultures did not mind.

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Birds brains

Forget about dolphins, crows is where its at!

Friday, March 28, 2014

This is what I'm talking about.

Perfect candidate for Oculus Rift

Go Pro death

You guys ever saw one of those go pro stunts videos where the guy actually falls to his death?

Because I'd like to see that.

If This Isn't Proof God Loves You, I Don't Know What Is!

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2 days ago the abhorrent deceit took place and we are still trying to compose ourselves and deal with the unimaginable.

To think I came THAT close to giving my money to the traitors.

Given, I would have done exactly the same for half the amount they got, but still, the traitors.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So I received my B3 Theremin today and I've just finished my first lesson.

This is my coach, Thomas Grillo...

Needless to say, this all is very exciting.

Time to Switch Tuna Brands Again

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Cool Reaction

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Au Sommet
Bon Karl, va donc me chercher un café au lieu de dire des bêtises

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ukraine is game to you?

Vice does the whole Russia/Ukraine thing.
There are so far 6 parts.

Playlist here:

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I can't remember if this was ever posted on the blog. These South Park guys can be absolutely hilarious.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Made Me Want To Go Bolivia

Did you see those motherfucking top-of-the-food-chain fish? Dayum!

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Greatest Bird of Death #4: Marabou

Remember that game that we were going to make?

Looks like someone crossed Flappy Birdy with Spermy...
We missed our chance guys to make potentially dozens of dollars! DOZENS!

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Sorry had to do it

Nigga you know who you fuckin with? You stayin here, I'm comin back with a chopper, I'm with the east side, nigga, I'm blood!
I aint worryin about nothin! no-thing

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nigga Turtles

Right on spot

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” Aldous Huxley

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bonerpants MOD

Best Arma 3 mod so far

Friday, February 7, 2014

Bad Boxer?

Dude posts some random highlights and then concludes Roy Jones's got no technique.

Good job vilifying without verifying.

Here's a complete match.

I chose a short one so you'd watch it entirely (it ends in round 2). (also chose it because it feels good to see him knocked down from time to time)

Bad Boxer Great Destroyer

Roy Jones Jr. must have the shittiest technique, but boy does he know how to shake 'n bake'em

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Who knew?

If I had no scruples, I would try to start an oppressive religion. It looks like a fun exercise in creativity and discipline.

Nice prank

I really like that guy's reaction, where he wipes his hand on the other guy. Very clever...

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bleed out, suffocate, and die!

We take away the lives of animals like of cows and pigs daily. It is not appropriate to say only dolphin hunting is cruel.
- Yoshinobu Nisaka, the governor of Wakayama prefecture, where this 6 months nautic slaughter just got finished. The man's got a point. Then again with an argument like that, I could longitudinally saw a human baby in half and point my detractors to the fact that there are other cruel things happening in the world, so stop being so inappropriate and let me bathe in my innocent victim's fresh blood.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The horror of things with CJ Molesto

Well its been a rough 15 years.
Some say it was a very rough 1 year.
There has been so many events that appalled me during this time, I feel like with every other new reporting of dreadful calamities I get closer to a state of total stupefaction.
In other words I'm becoming more and more like the normal constituent of the overwhelming majority: a venerable vegetable.
What I'm trying to get at will be disclosed shortly after this brief unrelated Adolph Hitler quote:
'I fight for what I love. I love what I respect. And in order to respect something one needs to at least have a basic knowledge of it.'
Which leads me to ask : why arent there any other Hitlers in the world? I've never heard of anyone with that name.
I just got back from the movie Gasland part II (nothing to do with Hitler),
followed by a live skype discussion with its author, Josh Fox, who is fighting a long standing fight against the gas industry and who, incidentally, is a jew whose parents escaped the gas chambers and ... I'm not kidding! It's true.
While he (Mr. Fox, the jew) was describing to us the general state of forfeiture to the ruling sodomites in the motherland of de-evolution, I soon came to realize how things were not shocking me so much anymore, and worse yet, how I am starting to forget all the things that have shocked me in the past.

I want this post to be a legacy to the children I will never have.

I also want you to contribute to this post, through comments, which I will use to edit the present post in such a way: in the following lines I will start a short list of all the things that have scandalized me during the last 15 years, and I strongly suggest you take part in the exercise, as a mean to extract yourself from the deep stupor you have been macerating in, complacently accepting the horrors of this world as normalities.

1- 2008 to this day: the credit crisis. The bailout of banks. Banks profiting off the crisis through credit default swaps. Private organizations profiting off of the default of entire nations. 2013: banks using the housing market collapse they created to buy cheaper properties and devising a way to further excavate the misery of the nation.(Look up Blackstone, who's behind it)

2- 2010 BP spill  Josh Fox shows us an aerial view of the golf 75 days into the nautic catastrophy. Images none of the medias were allowed to show, for obvious appalling reasons.

3- 2013 : the obfuscation by the PQ of the eastern pipeline plan through intensive media coverage of the incessant bickering about the fucking stupid charter.

4- The non existent media coverage of the mi'kmaq fight in New Brunswick against Texas oil firms

5- the Citizens United case, the insanity of it all, the Superpacs, the continuing use of the word democracy by these nutcases, the unremittent exploitation of the masses by the ruling sodomites, the technological middle-ages we live in

6- The Patriot Act

7- Obama's extension of the Patriot Act

8- Obama's presidency and the shattering of all hopes.

9- The invasion of Iraq. Fallujah. Halliburton's profiting off the war, Dick Cheney, The never ending slaughters that followed

10- The Drones in afghanistan, the ongoing cowardly drone killings accepted by the zombie majority as legitimate

11- Anything Stephen Harper and his de-evoluted minions might say or do, including the scientific community muzzling, the censorship of anything related to environmental science, the destruction of dozens of public organizations (see previous end of 2013 post), the retarded unconditional support to Israel.

12- Israel.

13- the Koch brothers and how they're still alive

14- the non coverage of the tar sands and their consequences on ecosystems and communities.

15- The NSA

16- Militarization of Police.

17- Dissent becomes illegal in Montreal (2012)

18- A law is passed whereby you cannot mention that your food product is GMO-free. (WHERE? in the US only?)

19- Harper's abolishment of the gun registry

Hero of the month! Doug Stanhope

I just discovered this man, he has my respect.

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My first world white guy problem of the day

So I haven't really bought a computer game since the 90's. I remember that back then, I was never sure if the game would work with my computer. I always had to adjust the extended / expanded memory ratio by fucking around with autoexec.bat and config.sys files on a disquette using DOS. I still haven't seen the end of Gabriel Knight because of these shenanigans. I also recall deactivating the "turbo" on a 486 because Wing Commander space battles would play out at frenetic and unrealistic speeds. Obviously, times have changed so I felt pretty confident that I wouldn't have to put up with this kind of crap anymore. I have a decent standard and up to date computer. In this specific case, I couldn't download the "game" because it's Rocksmith 2014 which comes with a special USB cable for your guitar. I didn't want to wait so I went to a store and bought a copy early this afternoon to take advantage of the rest of the day to do some fancy guitar learnin'. While installing, I find out that I have to play the game through Steam which is new to me. I created an account and installed everything. I put in the correct product key and was ready to rock n' roll. But then, when trying to launch the game, I got this error "Failed to Contact Key Server". I looked in the forums and apparently, the most likely cause is that there aren't enough licenses available and I might have to wait several days (weeks?) before it'll work! What the fuck does that mean?! Am I to understand that the games that were physically manufactured didn't have equivalent licenses? What is the product code on the DVD then? Is that the key? What the hell is going on here? Did I buy a game or an ass raping? I don't have a monthly budget for ass rapings so maybe I made a mistake. That's when I realized that my memory management woes of old have been replaced by this Steaming pile of shit layer of license control. I know you guys love Valve and all that, but seriously, fuck...that...shit! I bought a non defective game to play on a fully functional computer and somehow, some asshole middleman managed to screw that up. To this day, I have never (legally) bought a game that worked on day one. My record goes unblemished. And it's not like I want Steam or anything. I'm not a gamer, I just want to play some guitar with my computer. Anyways, I contacted Steam support so we'll see.

This may be a religion I can get into

It really ties existence together

also relevant:

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Google Graphs

Did you know that if you Google search a mathematical formula, Google will graph it for you?

 Try this one on for size: 



Here is a fictious, yet realistic, description of communication before a snap in football. It certainly gives a more complex picture of what is going on. "Typically: 1 - The offensive coordinator calls the plays (some head coaches serve as their own OC's). If the OC is in the booth, he relays it down to the sideline because the radio communication to the QB is only allowed from the sideline. Usually the QB coach is the relay man. If the OC is down on the field, he speaks to the QB directly. 2 - Everyone wearing a headset talks and listens to each other. The HC is listening and comments (and calling plays if he serves as his own OC.) The other guys are chiming in with whatever they observe and are offering suggestions. Some guy in the booth is tasked with saying to the HC whether or not to challenge a play. All of this is open line (I believe) - so it's a perpetual conference call. 3a - Huddle talk. A play is called, and often some codes to switch to different plays. Also, the QB will say if (using Peyton Manning as an example) "Omaha!" means something or not. For example, the QB can say we'll run play X unless I say "eagle" in which case we'll run play Y. Omaha means the snap count is changed to two instead of one - beware of the hard count. 3b - LOS talk - the Center is calling out the blocking scheme. The QB is deciding, based on what he sees whether or not to go to Eagle, and whether or not Omaha will be invoked. The QB may signal a man to go in motion so he can see how the defense responds (if someone runs with him, it's man, if not, it's zone). If he has called "Eagle" then the teams knows to run the play designated Eagle. But the QB could call out "Raptor" which means nothing - he's just making sure that the defense can't figure out the code words, or he's seeing if the defense will change alignment. Even if he has called "eagle" he can then kill it and go back to the original play (usually "Kill! Kill! Kill!"). He can then go to his hard count, which is an attempt to draw the D offsides, but's it's also a chance to see how LB's and DB's move. Going through a scenario: QB calls Play X, Eagle Y, Omaha 4 (X and Y are usually very jargon-y, so we'll skip that for now) in the huddle. They come to the line. the Center informs the rest of the line, that the D is lined up in a base 3-4, which due to study sessions previously in the week, means the line will use Blocking scheme A for X or blocking scheme B for Y. Or the center could use a code word to switch up the blocking scheme if it wasn't covered in the study session. Furthermore adjusts can be made by identifying the "Mike" - the primary MLB. Hence "54 is the Mike! 54 is the Mike!" Meanwhile the QB decides whether the original play X or the Eagle play Y (and note, they could be other code words that mean specific plays - if the QB says "Hawk" every knows that Hawk is play Z). Let's say he wants to stick with play X, but he wants to know more about the defense. He calls his WR to go in motion, but then return to his original spot. The defender runs with the motion man. So it's likely man coverage, at least for that guy. Play X really only works against zone coverage, so he changes: "Eagle! Eagle! Eagle!" The QB pauses and see if the defense changes - they don't, so he calls Omaha which means we're going on the 4th hut. "Omaha! Omaha! HUUUUTTTTT!" No one jumps offside on defense, but two LB's show blitz. the QB decides they we're fooled by the count. So now he knows that it's man coverage with a two man blitz. Furthermore, he might notice that the identity of "Mike" has changed. So instead of continuing the count, he calls (and points) "51 is the Mike! 51 is the Mike!" The defense now has to decide if knowing that the offense knows it's a blitz will be too risky, in which case, they can start calling codes, too. They will have codes to switch to a different blitz, change back to base defense, or possibly anything. The d-signal caller now starts yelling (well, continues, as he, like the QB has been calling signals since he saw the O come to the line). Now the QB has to decide if the D has switched out of the scheme he thinks they're in, or if it was a bluff, and they're still gonna do it. So, he starts the count again. "Omaha! Omaha!" - turns the count back to 4. HUTT-HUTT!!!! Now the defense may jump again, and the QB will think he's got them in the man coverage, two LB blitz for real, and so he continues his count. HUTT-HUTT!!!! That's four HUTs so the ball is snapped, and the play has begun. 4 Pointing Covered earlier, but the QB often corrects the C's call of Mike (or in some cases has sole authority to decide on who the Mike is). Or if he thinks, based on what he thinks he knows, that, say the SS is on a blitz, he'll point it out, so his back will know who to look for on the blitz pickup (or the OL will change protection schemes to pick up the blitz themselves. 5 Defense signals. Imagine the whole process in reverse, without access to the snap count. the D signal called gets a call from the sideline (either relayed to him from the sideline, or called by the DC or HC from the sideline). They'll have one defense called, another to switch to on a code word. They will also have other code words to change to specific other schemes and of course Kill! as well. As the offense does it's things, the defensive signal caller tries to glean what he can about the play they've called. If the O-line is in three point stances, they may favor the run (or they may be pretending to run and then pass). If they are in a two point stance (standing up, it's the opposite. The offense alignment may tell the defense what types of plays it can run from that set, so the d-signal caller can remind his teammates either through codes or or through just yelling "watch for the draw!" (for example) directly. Then if the QB is switching things around or pretending to, the d-signal caller can switch things up or pretend to. 6 The Booth If the OC or DC is up there, he is communicating to the sideline the plays he wants. He is also communcating with his subordinate coaches and the HC other things that may be of value. If he's not up there, someone else will be, relaying his observations from the booth. They also have phone lines to speak to players directly on the sideline. There is another guy who, among his other responsibilities, will be to monitor the stadium replays and (I think) the telecast to see whether or not to challenge a play (or even directly because he has a better view). Someone else will be logging a bunch of things (plays called, penalties, observations about the opponents, play results, etc for analysis the following week. The shocking thing about all of this is they either 25 or 40 seconds to accomplish all of this shit. It's sort of ridiculous - it's like high speed poker and then high speed violence all at once."

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Craw's list of random things. - a bunch of really good games for cheap (like for about 6$ you can get all of these) and most of them are Mac/Linux compatible as well... if you're one of those people. Also, most of these, except maybe Strike Suit, run on the shittiest of netbooks/tablets.

A bunch of game of the year awards:

My short list of games worth checking out that nobody seems to have heard about or care about and some of my favorites thrown in:

Super Hexagon (technically a 2012 game but pretty ridiculous)
Skulls of the Shogun
Baldur's Gate EE
XCOM Enemy Within
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (80's + insanity + developers who get it = brilliant albeit short game)
Fez (I played this last year on Xbox but the PC port is probably better)
Might and Magic Clash Of Heroes (also an older game but finally got ported to ios and Droid)
Civ V Brave New World - Finally fixes most of the issues with Civ V.
Papers Please (mostly because of how subversive this game can be)
Divekick (basically breaks down fighting games to its most basic components. There are no combos to master here, just 2 buttons and a whole lot of strategy and twitchiness, enough to really nail the fighting game meta without getting bogged down in the minutia of games like SF or MK)
KOF XIII and Skullgirls once they finally made it to steam - this is the flipside of the fighting game coin. There's a lot of minutia here and enough meat to dig into for years on end. These games were finally released on the PC where it turns out people like to play and where the connections are better overall. - card collection game and RPG all in one. Free to play, pretty fun
The Gods Will Be Watching (web based and free) - you and your team are marooned on a planet waiting to be rescued. You have to make hard choices and most of your team will either desert you or die. I don't think there's a way to win this game. Actually, also look up the Ludum Dare competition (which this game competed in). There's a ton of really good free stuff in there.
DayZ - a zombie game where the biggest threat is human nature.
Occulus Rift - I tried this at PAX. Pretty much the future of gaming.
Kickstarter - Because this basically funded most of m favorite things this year, including games.


Adventures in Urban decay.

And sneaking into things that normal people don't usually see (like the top floors of the Eaton Center).

The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968)

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McGill has a blog debunking pseudo science. Worth a read now and again.

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