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Future was yesterday series #5: Jet surf

Change that petrol engine to electric and that awful european music to anything else and strap a oculus rift onto something and you've got a pretty interesting idea.

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Ash to aaaaash


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Nicely done

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If 2014 was a (slightly retarded) boxer, then I'd be the guy knocking him out.

(you can almost hear him speak retardeese)

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How has this not made it to the blog?

I know it's only coming out next year, and I know these are rough cuts that may not even make it into the movie, but I still got a boner.

Credit to the Cardinal

He posted this on Facebook and it blew my fucking mind. Also, it reminded me that we're in 2014. Notice the headgear on the pilots at the end. Reminds me of one of my favorite games:

Dystopiasaster: Las Vegas

I was reading on American dystopias and was at Las Vegas when I learned about this. Las Vegas is a transient place. People, material, energy, everything is imported from somewhere else and goes down this vortex of vanity. This place doesn't produce shit except human misery. But there is one tangible thing Las Vegas produced in the past and it was ammonium perchlorate, an oxidizer for rocket boosters and missiles. Up until 1988, when this happened to the factory (worth watching till the 4th explosion)

And let's not forget

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Of course but...

Just Hold On!

I came across a solid article critiquing what they call the New Atheism, some examples we've recently enjoyed on our dear blog. I am sharing it because it is my belief that atheism must be as much self-critical as anti-theistic if it is meant to remain relevant and true to itself. This article offers an interesting and contrasting viewpoint on contemporary popular atheism.

Here is a sample:

"Beneath its superficial rationalism, then, the New Atheism amounts to little more than an intellectual defense of empire and a smokescreen for the injustices of global capitalism. It is a parochial universalism whose potency lies in its capacity to appear simultaneously iconoclastic, dissenting, and disinterested, while channeling vulgar prejudices, promoting imperial projects, and dressing up banal truisms as deep insights.
Hitchens, Harris, and Dawkins may masquerade as intellectual insurgents, leading a crusade against the insipid tolerance of liberal politics. But ultimately they are apologists for some of its most destructive tendencies."

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meanwhile, back in Reality

... spaceships still look like shitty props from a Ed Wood movie!

and this is what people are getting excited about, more than 40 years after the Apollo program!

Orion Exploration Flight Test 1 - 2014 from NASA Orion Spacecraft on Vimeo.

Manned space flights are a waste of time and resources.

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