Monday, November 29, 2010

$50 budget and a video camera

Regardless of what you think of this video, you can sign the petition here

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Is Awesome

I love Carl Sagan. I wish he was in charge of the planet.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Complete news from our Favourite Commis à l'Épicerie

This makes me want to live solely of rice and beans so I can save up to go see Wintersun in Europe. It's almost feasible considering many of the shows are happening in cheap countries.

Anyways, can someome please give him a decent tip next time he brings your groceries to the car?

And what's up with Bonerpants passing off second-hand info? It doesn't take a Master's to know that primary sources are better. Believe me, I know; I don't have a Master's.

Oh yeah, from the official website

News update

Hi everyone! It´s been a while.

I´ve been working very hard with the synths&orchestrations and I can finally say that I´m feeling very positive about finishing this long and gruesome task by christmas. So hopefully around the end of December I can finally start mixing the album
. I still have a few vocal parts unfinished, but I will be singing them meanwhile I´m mixing.

The only problem about the mixing is that my current computer gear simply cannot handle these insanely huge projects. And the other problem is that I have no money for new gear. So we have discussed about this problem with our label&management and they have agreed to help us with an advance to buy new and more powerful computer gear, but only if we agree to play a few shows and show people that Wintersun is still alive. So after carefully weighting all the different possibilies, we think we need to play these shows to help the completion of the album.

The shows will be for now:

Metalfest (3 shows)
Metalcamp (1 show)

There´s lot of work and preparation to do for these shows, ´cause we have to update our live gear as well, sort out technical difficulties and of course rehearse the songs. This will most likely affect negatively with the mixing schedule, so I can´t give any predictions with that yet. I also need to try out the new computer gear first and see how it handles these projects. The software is still not 64-bit, so the "infamous 4GB RAM limit" might also be a problem with the mixing, since these projects already eat about 3GB without any plugins. But I will do my best to overcome this challenge the fastest way I can.

And no worries, these shows will definitely not be cancelled. So we are looking forward to you guys, see you at the gigs! Who knows, we might even play a one new riff... I mean a song! ;)

Jari, Kai, Teemu & Jukkis

This is pretty awesome.

crap indeed, Molesto.... crap indeed.

a bit of a stretch from this:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

News from our favorite commis à l'épicerie

Wintersun has finally shown a sign of life. Drummer Kai Hahto posted the following short announcement on his personal Facebook page:

"Wintersun will be playing 4 shows at least next year: 3 Metalfest shows in May 2011 and also Metalcamp 2011. That´s good news."

Some overly optimistic fan made the assumption that perhaps the long overdue album Time would be done by then... to which Hahto responded:

"Time has progressed very well and we hope that we can start mixing in December. But the shows are confirmed and after the new album is out, we start playing more actively. Let´s see what happens next year."

The Wintersun drummer also promised there would be "some updates" somewhere next week at the band's official website. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I knew it all along !

Fine! I'll post something

Seriously, way to have everyone, including me, avoid this increasingly diseased blog. I seriously preferred that necrophilia pic from 2006. So anyways, I know Halloween is over and all, but we really need to all hook up and watch this movie sometime soon:

And yes, it stars our favorite angel-haired quotesmith

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Has this ever been posted on the blog?

Because it should be.

My girlfriend gave a sex talk at a high school the other day and one of the questions was "Is a blue waffle bad?" She did not what a blue waffle was then. Now we all do.

She then proceeded to show me another horrendous picture of disease-mutilated lady-genitals.

Perhaps she was taking her revenge on me since after she got out of the shower, I was at the computer wearing nothing but a merino-wool t-shirt, listening to this :