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Couldn't Help It

It's so infectious!

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But wait! There's more.

(Click on the image, fool)

From Regretsy

Beatiful masks:

...and the human centipede cat toy:

How the media caused the next holy war...according to the media

So here is a BBC article about how the "Burn the Koran" thing got so much attention. This is to put to rest certain questions we had during our last human to human conversaische.

How Koran burning story grew from obscurity

And the winners are:
For first large media corp to talk about this guy: CNN
For first public figure to take this guy's actions seriously: General Petraeus (Clinton came in forth)

So yeah, now we know.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you're posting that...

Then I guess you've never seen this one:

Be careful boys, trek fit can lead to some serious lifestyle changes:

Why you ain't shit

Also, forget Trek Fit. Them New York parks are breeding uber men.

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Beat of a different drum.

I actually like the Jeff Buckley cover. Yeah, it's early millenium OC shit for the tweens but it fits and the interpretation conveys the right emotions. The blues song is soul crushingly horrible though.

Unsurprisingly, people have very different tastes in everything, from games to music to everything else. I'm pretty much known as a game and movie snob: I'm super critical of pretty much everything but it doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge the fact that others might have very different ideas as to what does or does not make a good game.

That being said I've dated someone who though the former was really good and the latter was really bad. If she wasn't so gifted with the beejs I too would have been quick to part ways then and there:

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Music and Love

Is bad musical taste a reason to dismiss someone ?

There's this girl, right ? We've been exchanging musical tastes and hers are the worst I have ever heard. It makes me angry. I just wonder what else it hides. Ya know? Also, to me it shows a bit of retardedness.

I mean, I don't go out say, "hey baby, I like metal, check this out" :

Oh no, I don't do that. What I do do is say that I like passionate music, you know something gender neutral, like Oum Khalsoum :

So you know what she does?

She sends me the most soulless milktoast crap I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. I mean it's supposed to be blues and the guy is black. How the hell did this even happen?

Keep in mind that when I challenged her to find a better cover than this:

She sent me this:

I wish I was more fluent in sign reading. I mean, shit the songs she sent are the musical equivalent of her telling me her bed is pilled high with stuffed animals. I can only imagine her having a huge bush and the dead fish being her favourite position.