Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mediocrity Is Killing Me.

I've fucking had it!!!!

Life is slowly digesting me. I feel like a piece of bubblegum lodged in the lowest reaches of Backstabber's stomach: slowly burning up in stomach acid only to be shit out in three years. Then what happens? I end up either in rat's belly, consequently killing him and spending the next week being eaten by other rats and maggots; or I end up stuck in some kind of giant vat full of shit, getting bleached, chlorined, stretched, squashed, and dumped in the bowels of the mighty Saint-Laurence River.

This does not appeal to me.

So rather than lose my mind, I've decided to travel the United States in order to document it's decline. I want to photograph, draw, and paint the bog of stench slowly enveloping the entire country. I'm leaving some time in January for an undetermined amount of time.

No more mediocrity for me. I've completely lost my "Joie de vivre" and I'm on a quest to get it back. So shrooms this week-end, New York City next week-end, then I get ready for Christmas, New Year's and my trip.


Master of the Craw said...

Boy this blog is depressed.
Shit, I totally want to rent a convertible now and drive through the desert listening to metal... Or just go to scandinavia and burn a church.

Dementor said...

Now's the best time to document the decline man, especialy with that new colored president in the white house.
Its the beginning of the end man.

Anonymous said...

You could also stay here and just follow a bum around until he freezes to death in his own puke.