Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You know when you get caught in a YouTube spiral of descent and you end up in some sort of strange trance? You know how, after a while, the movies lose all meaning or truth? You know how time tends to evaporate when in these spirals? You know how shitty you feel when you finally snap out of it and realize how long you've been stuck there? Well... This is the movie that snapped me out of that trance:

Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Get to da choppa", common austrian expression meaning : run away from here now, get out of here and dont look back.
Applies to any situation or subject where a protagonist means to warn another not to get into said situation or subject.

"Have I ever told you about the Truth and why you should believe in Mohammad?"
"Get to da choppaaaaa!!!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

So there's this movie...

... which I think is splendid.
I mean, I never saw Snakes on a plane, but I like these kinds of shitty movies, just for their title. The whole value of the movie is in the title.

This one though I might go see.
I mean come on, it is Rutger Hauer.

Associate This!

Dear Haters,

Listen to this and then try to tell me you don't like rap.

Yes, that's Bukowski reading one of his poems.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun with lack of inspiration

Hello children. Let's play the video association game!

Okay, I'll start:

Now I simply choose a video that has something in common with the first:


Holy crap! eighties...flaming...too much. I went too far on that last one. I'll stop now. Sorry about all of this.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I forgot to mention this at some point

It seems they'be been slowly reviving the dead adventure game genre, probably as part of the larger retro, quick and dirty cheap game development push and that probably deserves its own post/rant.
Personally I like most of these games more than multimillion dollar soulless monstrosities the realease to tremendous fanfare like Modern Warfare 2. I'm really happy that Telltale games has had a bit of success with both the episodic Sam n Max and Monkey Island series (both highly recommended if you like these kinds of games at all) and it seems Lucasarts is keen on going through their old library of games and breathing some new life into them. Any chance to play these games again is a good one and I'm glad they're going back and revisiting both MIs (I played the MI1 remake and it was every bit as fun as I remember it. The new art is great as is the new voice work and the ability to swap the old graphics and the new graphics at will will keep the purists like me happy).
I would love it if they gave both Maniac Mansion games a similar treatment but so long as they keep the Day of the Tentacle voices untouched (well, maybe clean up the audio quality a bit since the compression back then was horrendous).
Having all of my old 90's franchises (Street Fighter, adventure games in general, Civilization) getting a little bit of undue love has me feeling like I'm almost 20 years younger, still a virgin and spending inordinate ammounts of time tinkering with the innards of my computer. Well, OK, I still do the last one. But I promise I'm not still a virgin.

Fucking Genius

I have nothing of value to add otherwise.

This is fucking incredible!

Guess why we never heard of this

Of course the thing is only good for a year.
I'd say about 97% of the users will use it beyond that.
Which is kind of sad if you think about it.
But on the plus side, they are gonna have some fun for a whole year.
Hmm... I guess I'd give it to them anyways.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another metal movie to look out for

It's about the Finland.

Unfortunately, it looks as though there won't be any subtitles and that it won't really be presented in the western hemisphere any time soon (at least until they realize that they might have an audience in the English speaking world). So I guess I'll just have to learn my Finnish for now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My therapist.

So I'm programming using a text editor called Emacs.
I was telling that to the MOC the other day and he kind of made fun of me, cynically telling me how bad ass it was that I was using a simple text editor instead of an elaborate development environment... wait! don't go away, it'll get interesting, I swear, just bear with me.
So, I was saying, I'm using Emacs to write programs, and a couple minutes ago, I was going to take a break from it all when I inadvertently noticed the Emacs Psychiatrist option in the Help tab of the Emacs menu.
I could not help but try it.
Here's what ensued.

I am the psychotherapist. Please describe your problems. Each time your are finished talking, type RET twice.

I'm depressed.

Are you depressed often?


I see... Well, why do you say this is so?

Because, most of the time I'm sad, and I don't smile much.

Is it because most of the time you are sad and you do not smile much that you came to me?

Yes. And also because you have a huge penis.

Does it bother you that I have a huge penis?

A little bit. It makes me affraid.

What makes you believe a little bit it makes you affraid?

Because, if you were going to use it on me, it would probably hurt.

When did you first know that if I was going to use it on you it would probably hurt?

I don't know that! I don't want to know!

Are you sure that you might not want to know?

Well, now that you're asking, I'm not. I'm not sure anymore.

Is the fact that I am asking you are not sure anymore the real reason?

Maybe it is not. Maybe it is because I am gay.

Does the fact that you are gay explain anything else?

It explains pretty much everything now that I think about it.

Have you been sure you think about it?


Can you elaborate on that?

On what!?

Earlier you said you felt depressed?

Yes I did. I'm sad and my friends are all assholes and my best friend is my computer.

You have your mind on computers, it seems.

Evidently, since you are my computer and I'm using you for therapy.

What happened when I am your computer and you are using me for therapy?

Well, uh... what?

What would happen if you are my computer and I am using you for therapy?