Thursday, August 31, 2006


I cant believe it.
Im waiting in this internet cafe.
Im waiting for this old chinese man who runs the place to finish his starcraft game.
Apparently it is incompatible with the printers, so I have to wait for him to end his game so I can print what Ive got to print. Ive been waiting for 15 minutes now.
I feel raped and degraded.
Is that a word ? degraded ?


Holy shit, This is it! I can finally post on this freakin' thing! So much to talk about, posters, Belmondo, Vincent Boucher and other crazies, circumcision, clowns, office potatos, the list goes on...
And to this, I will practice my picture adding skills by slapping on a picture of my friend Mario's daughter. I don't like kids but this one's cute. Cheers -P

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

Please, please, please Jmo, tell me you ate there!!!

Apparently some indian restaurateur thought it would be a fine idea to name his restaurant "Hitler's cross"... with the wrong punctuation that is...
see this link:

Thursday, August 24, 2006

this is why your dechets are liquefying silly

Dont ever go doggy paddling in Southern California

Pourquoi mon corps se sent-il obligé de liquéfier mes déchets organiques lorsque je suis stressé ? Est-ce un réflexe naturel destiné à me rendre plus léger lors d'une rencontre fortuite avec quelque animal vorace afin que ma fuite gagne en vélocité ?
Sont-ce des liquides supposés être expulsés vers le faciès dudit animal afin de le décourager de procéder plus avant dans son projet de repas dont je ferais l'objet ?

What I like about blogging with you guys...

We look like a bunch of retarded retardees. Scroll down and read the comments on most posts and you'll notice that about 98% (and keep in mind that 73.5% of all statistics are made up) of the comments are related to people having trouble joining the blog. Moreover, 99.97% (again, statistics on statistics) of the blog-members have had trouble becoming authors.

Does anyone here feel like we're absolutely new to this internet thing? You know these really akward families that travel together and that are way too happy to be "best friends", like the stereotypical christian families? They go on vacation in their station-wagon and go camping, and biking, and hiking, and canoeing, and they pray and it's fun. And then they decide to try something totally wild, like, I don't know, mini golf. And they simply have no clue how it works and they just keep scoring over 10 hits each on each hole (it doesn't matter cause they write down 6 for each hole, as it says in the rules, written on the back of the score booklet) but they're having fun! And there are like 12 groups wainting behind them, lokking at them and feeling sorry for them, and from time to time, the father turns to them and asks one of the groups: "would you like to get ahead of us? We're new to this game!"

We're the christian family.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dont ever go skinny dipping in australia.

Just so you know.

Henry Earl (born 1949) is a homeless African-American man from Kentucky who is famous primarily because of his extensive police record, mostly for non-violent alcohol-related offenses.

This homeless dude is unbelievable. Look at his jail stats!! especially his average duration of freedom

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Million Dollar Page

This is that website that Pif was talking about on Monday. It's actually pretty amazing.

Driving in India

No wonder J-Mo's been in scores of accidents!

Check this out:

Belmondo by Wesley Willis

You are the sexy man king.
I like Belmondo a lot.
Belmondo is the best.
Right on brother.


You are my special sexy man.
You really whoop the horse's ass.
I like you well.
Belmondo is very special to me.


Belmondo is the best.
He can really whoop the camel's ass.
About 97300 people like Belmondo.
He can really rock it out.

Rock over London,
Rock on Chicago.

Be a Pepper - drink Dr. Pepper.

J.P. Belmondo

Screw Dolph Lundgren, I'm Belmondo.
Shiiiit. Look at that crotch.

I shat on myself today

It fell off my ass while I was standing up, I thought I was finished, I wasnt.

Qu'est-ce qui est petit, rose et rétrécit devant le mirroir ?
Un bébé se peignant avec un épluchoir.
Do we have to take on the persona of the person whose name we're sporting?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


it has come to my attention that some people didn't think the name tag thing was for real. you people are wrong and should get your head examined cause the "change your name" party is really hapenning whether you like it or not. I know, I don't live there... who cares?

sooo... you should:

A) find yourself a new name

B) find a name tag (i've provided a few examples... )
C) come without a name or a name tag and we'll find you a name and a name tag that you probably won't like.
PS: don't forget your booze, your drugs and your underage hookers.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dont ever go canoeing in South Africa.

This is great.
Its so much more easy when you know this all makes no sense and just let it go in order to understand there is nothing to care about. You know, when you think that that's what it's all about, and you know that this is what its about, then that's what it's all about.
They say there is good drug in Banff. I wonder if Nic will ever come back. I love him.
Even though I pronounced him DOA if he ever came back to our place. We used to eat fresh garlic together.
That blasted Romaniac.

It's Official!

Last Saturday in the country near Ottawa, Sébastien surprised me with the cutest custom made engagment ring!!
We are, as of 2 days ago, officially ENGAGED so this calls for a MAJOR BASH!
The ring is delicate and made out of white gold. No diamonds cuz they can look really tacky on young people! Plus, we didn't want to do the whole "conventional" thing.
It is an exact replica of a tiny red plastic ring we found in the street coming home from a bar a couple of months ago. He gave it to me as a joke but I ended up wearing it because it was so adorable. (It broke after a couple of days!). This ring is the official version of the first one.
My sister and both our families were aware of the whole thing. Sébastien planned every detail down to officially proposing in the country complete with champagne! I was really surprised and happy and Seb's dad even cried... It was a very touching moment.
Just thought I'd share that with you all, my fellow bloggers, bored office workers and friends. Ana xxxxxx

Friday, August 18, 2006

Vinny Piffarino on acid...good times! Look at those pupils!

I thought I'd put this picture up to remind Jmo and Pif of what they're missing back in the city.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I lost my testicle today. I shifted awkwardly in my chair, felt a strange shift in body weight, and reached down to find that I was only half a man. But it's back now.

I thought I'd put this picture up to remind Jmo and Pif of what they're missing back in the city.

This is all I got for images right now. Since my inceptio0n into the long board club, I thought I should use this image on all of my reports: fun & artistic, gives people something to google after a meeting.


Look at the power of blogging- this guy traded a red paperclip for a house through this program

dis iz da shiite!!!

ooohh... i feel so networthy! internet fun is so much fun!!

i really don't have much to say... yet.


thought this would be a great first picture to get the ball rolling

Heeeeere's ANA!

Hey guys! This is awesome! YEAH!
I would personally like to thank Cassmaster C for creating this fantasmagoric blog. My days will be transformed forever. Please join in the fun. If I can register, ANYONE can!
Peace up!

Bonj Bonj Bonj

Since we spend so much time emailing each other back and forth, I thought I would take someone's advice and start this blog business for all youze fools.

plus, i'm drunk and bored.

Let the posting begin!

I think it's fun 'cause we can post pics and invite people and maybe even become cyber-famous.