Friday, February 27, 2015


Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey, le mangeux d'marde

Good job on looking for the link in the source. You truely are an html autist. So I guess the blog is ok again. Though I do miss Barbarosa getting pickle face raped.

Impeach Hungus! Free the blog!

What the hell is this?

First the 'new looks', which seem like nothing more than just another attempt at contributing to the uniformization of the internets, showcasing a total lack of imagination while stripping our beloved blog of any trace of identity by rendering the blog sexperience equal to a facebook jerkoff. Where are the wondrous 19 bernard tapestries, the figures of our majestic impersonalizations from the long gone days of the 19 bernardants splendor? Where are the waraxe yielding serial killers? Where are the minstrels?

And second, where in the cybershits is the 'New Post' link?

I had to go find it in the fucking source code, making the very act of posting uncomfortably similar to my day to day work, the very thing I'm trying to escape when I come here!

Our blog was penetruded by Hungus and he failed FAILED FAILED as a blog admin.

This failure is unacceptable!

I say we vote to strip him of his admin privileges!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Shitty Action Movies

This is an excellent analysis on why so many action movies have gone to shit. Well worth the watch.

 Bonerpants, there's a special section just for you at 10:09

Also, John Wick is supposed to be an amazing action move. We should check it out at my place on the projector when it comes out on Blu-Ray


Monday, February 9, 2015

The Most Dangerous Game

Look what I found: Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015!

I am simply going to post the most innocuous pic here.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brain emulation

    • Preprocessing/fixation
    • Physical handling
    • Imaging
    Preparing brains appropriately, retaining relevant microstructure and state. Methods of manipulating fixed brains and tissue pieces before, during, and after scanning. Capability to scan entire brain volumes in reasonable time and expense. Scanning at enough resolution to enable reconstruction.Scanning is able to detect the functionally relevant properties of tissue.
    • Image processing
    • Scan interpretation
    • Software model of neural system
    Handling distortions due to scanning imperfection. Handling missing data; Improving scan quality. Detecting structure and processing it into a consistent 3D model of the tissue. Identifying cell types. Identifying synapses and their connectivity. Estimating functionally relevant parameters of cells, synapses, and other entities- Storing the resulting inventory in an efficient way.
    • Storage of original model and current state
    • Efficient inter‐processor communication
    • Processor power to run simulation
    • Simulation of body enabling interaction with virtual environment or through robot
    • Virtual environment for virtual body