Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girl Stuff

Dear Woody,

Do you ever feel like this?

Of course you do. Well, good news! I read an article today about some neat vibrators.

Exhibit 1 (If you're feeling particularly stylish.

Exhibit 2 recharges in a USB slot! Although I doubt it comes with a Mac. Perhaps you could write to Steve Jobs. When he comes back from sick leave, I'm sure he'd be open to your product tye-in ideas.


Karl Hungus said...

The USB key one's charge doesn't last very long. Plus I once lost it in my butt for a week. Sneaky little fucker kept digging it's way in.

Barbarosa said...

Just like that mouse last Wednesday!

Woody Esplanade said...

you can recharge in my slot candyman!

Anonymous said...

damn i lost mine downstaiers once Lol