Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pushing that terminator shit off the page...

well i wanted to push this thing off the page in posting this cause it was so goddamm annoying... but since it,s already slipped down, i'll post it anyway cause it's a classic and it's so damn funny.


Dementor said...

Its funny cause its as close as it gets to someone masturbating while crying.

Dansing while crying is a good enough ersatz.

But I cant wait to watch the movie where we'll see someone crying and pulling on his cock.

That will be crazy.

I think Chevy Chase would have been pretty good at it. But now he's probably too old to pull it off.

Master of the Craw said...

I remember watching some twin peaks as a kid. It made as much sense then as it does now.
Sometimes I love Lynch and sometimes I find his movies obtuse for the sake of being obtuse... I still haven't really wrapped my head around mulholland drive.

Anonymous said...

this is the series and it's amazingly funny and weird at the same time... you haven't seen it????

i recommend then!

Karl Hungus said...

Nerdlord, if you want to see a guy cry while pulling his cock, watch "Ichi The Killer". The movie's worth it just for that part.

Actually, I think he does it more than once.