Monday, December 1, 2008

Another bike post from the "For The Blog Critics" collection

Hey hey!
I've been pushing zits and caca mous over this winter biking thing, especially with my non budget stopping me from buying the proper tires, which I dont even think I could fit on my Deep Vs (enlighten me Syco). Anyways, I think I just found the best solution!


* Zip tie every other rim section between spokes (range: 1 per 3 spokes or 1 per 1; depending on ice) on only rear wheel
* Place and center and tighten zip ties so that tie clasp is facing towards hub (not too tight, just tight enough to keep from moving and not pinching tire) and between spokes
* Test with 1 tie and spin wheel to check for tolerances with fenders and frame
* Trim off extra cable on all ties
* Push clasp to center it on rim facing hub
* Spin wheel to recheck
* Work around tire as needed (add more later if needed)


* 20+ zip ties (6+ inches in length) ~$3
* Large nail clippers
* Bike with hub or disk brakes on rear wheel


* Pedal in low gear smoothly and take shallow turns use only rear brake when possible

of course that riding technique would never be possible in my case... low gears is not an option, and disk brake? are you kidding me? what kind of rat soup eating moron would put a disk brake on his bike?
Anyways, the thing with winter biking is you cant fucking use your front brake! Or else you're flirting with front wheel skids and being horizontally teleported to the ground with the bonus violent impact is no fun way to travel. Basically you're riding brakeless, on ice, which is fucked.


Barbarosa said...

First of all, tell that bike wheel owner he needs to put a cap on that shraeder valve, especially in the type of weather he seems to be riding.

As for your deep v/ tire issue, Considering the Deep V's tiny inner rim width, your options are limited when it comes to running cyclocross tires. I ride Shwalbe CX Pro's as does Jazz and we're both very happy with the result. So get the thinnest possible and you'll be a happy camper.

Suggestion: Buy one tire and check for clearance before getting another one.

Barbarosa said...

Oh, and I think Le YĆ©ti is having a 50% off sale on cyclocross tires...