Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What do you get when you cross Andrew W.K.

and Lee ''Scratch'' Perry?


Yes, Andrew "Party 'till you Puke" W.K. has produced LSP's latest album. It should be noted that Lee "Scratch" Perry may have invented Reggae and Dub. He's known for his innovative production techniques as well as his eccentric character. Here's a quote from his MySpace: "Arguably the first creatively driven, "artist-producer" in modern recorded music, Lee "Scratch" Perry occupies the highest level of music making - standing comfortably next to pioneers like George Martin, Phil Spector, and Brian Wilson."

"With his own studio at his disposal, Perry's productions became more lavish, as the energetic producer was able to spend as much time as he wanted on the music he produced. It is important to note that virtually everything Perry recorded in The Black Ark was done using rather basic recording equipment; through sonic sleight-of-hand, Perry made it sound completely unique."

Here's an interview with him. Don't watch it if you're currently on drugs. And this has nothing to do with anything, but one of his albums is called Jamaican E.T.

Which brings me to my question of the day. Is the following video a parody or the real thing?

There's another song from the album on his MySpace, God Save His King, which is pretty special.


Anonymous said...

yeah! the best was when he decided to build the drum booth over a pond with ducks, because he said that the drum tracks would be so hot that only the water and the ducks flapping their wings could cool the booth down...

true documented story btw...

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Hah...I wonder if it's a good idea to have Andrew WK produce your album. His own album was one big mono-layered sound wall.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

On another note, I think I would feel pretty awkward if I watched that video with my parents