Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Freeloaders

Start helping out the best human project since you started getting closer to death.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

I did.


Anonymous said...

you mean like give them money??? or write articles?

i had a fun game on wikipedia which consisted of editing the punctuation only and make it all fucked up but not too much so that the edits wouldn't really get noticed.... so a sentence like this one:

"The inability of a perpetual slum to hold enough of its population for unslumming is a characteristic that starts before the slum itself starts."


"The inability, of a perpetual slum, to "hold" enough of its "population" for unslumming is a characteristic... that starts before the slum itself starts!!!!"

fun huh?

so yeah, i do contribute, thank you very much!

Karl Hungus said...

I don't believe in knowledge.

Dementor said...

I still havent. Figured out what : wikipedia is or what, it stands for.