Thursday, December 4, 2008


No Hope Losers?

The following comment by Sean Avery of the Dallas Stars has caused a huge kerfufle in the NHL. As for context, his ex or conquest, Elisha Cuthbert is currently going out with Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flames. The Stars we're playing the Flames later that evening.

Pas d'classe, pas p'entoute. Funny, though. But I don't see why a player should get in trouble for locker room trash talk.


Dave Todaro said...
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Master of the Craw said...

I used to masturbate vigorously to popular mechanics for kids.
I thought I should share that.

Dementor said...

what is dallas stars?

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

If Cuthbert dumped you for a Flamer, would you remain rational? Man, she's a solid piece of real estate, that one.

Barbarosa said...

Yup, but just a little sloppy.