Monday, January 5, 2009

(table) Tennis Anyone?

That or badminton. I've got a raquet sport itch and I'm planning on scratching it.

Who wants in?

So far, for ping-pong (pour le pongiste en toi) I've found two offers:

Club Prestige at Centre Claude-Robillard
February 2nd to June 19th.
Pratique libre
Monday to Friday: 6h45-22h
Saturday and Sunday: 6h45-20h
+ 15$ for the membership which includes, amazingly: Grâce à cette carte, vous avez le droit d’utiliser les vestiaires, la piste d’athlétisme, la salle de musculation située dans le gymnase d’athlétisme et la piscine pendant les heures de bain libre.
+21$ frais de financement or something
more info


Club de tennis de table Maisonneuve
16 janvier au 7 mai
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 19h-22h
6200 Pierre-de-Coubertin
More info

As for badminton, there's a lot more out there, this seemed the closest to my desires, after a quick search:

Badminfun - League and libre
12 weeks
Monday and Wednesday 18h-20h
60$ + 10$ membership to centre Jean-Claude Malépart
2633 rue Ontario Est


At the same centre Jean-Claude Malépart,
There is free play Thursdays at 18h-20h
12 weeks

Oh, and did you really think I wouln't add a few youtubeez?

on this next one, at 3:04, check the move. It warranted a ''absolutely outrageous. That was naughty.'' by the announcer!

And finally:


Dementor said...

100$ for badminton?

I'll let you suck my balls for 25$.

Karl Hungus said...

Why the fuck would I go all the way to Claude Robillard to play ping-pong? Give e a break. If it's a racket sport you want, we can pick some up at the dollar store and put a line of tape across the floor of my apartment. You get free access to my PS3 and the beer in the fridge.

By the way, if that ain't the perfect music for badminton, I don't know what is. That was naughty! Win it... win it!!!!

Karl Hungus said...

Oh yeah... and I'm going to be late for work.

Barbarosa said...


Master of the Craw said...

I vote next time Bonerpants is out of his house we chuck his dining room table and replace it with a ping pong one.

Karl Hungus said...


Barbarosa said...

It's funny you should mention that Dildo, because I was going to suggest it to him one of these evenings. And by suggest, I mean just bring raquets, a ball and the net and strap them to his table. Then humiliate him with my impecable skills

Master of the Craw said...

Remember how bad I was in high school? Yeah, sports aren't my thing. Even shitty easy sports like table tennis.
I will fuck you up at Street Fighter II though.