Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jelly Fish!

Man, I've seen this shockumentary yesterday and I'm telling you, I've had a hard time sleeping last night. The end is upon us my friends. The end is coming. I'm glad I'll be there when it does. I think possibly around the 30's, when we're in our 50's.

you dont believe them?
watch this shit!


Dementor said...

Watch the reply "Man attacked by Jelly fish".
I'm telling you, this is horror movie material!

We're all dead.

Barbarosa said...

Wow, that second video was beautiful. It was like looking straight at the cosmos.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Well, you're in luck. According to the Discovery channel (I know...), squids are also invading. And as the cold war has taught us, two global powers balance each other out and keep each other in check under the looming threat of a cannibal holocaust.