Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Nerdlord of the NES

You difficult fuck.

How about this deal: Badminton. 30$. 12 weeks. 1 hour per week. 7501 joseph-françois perrault, montreal, H2A 1M1.

1) Israel's existence is not at stake and hasn't been so for decades, if it ever was, regardless of the many de rigueur militant statements by Middle East leaders over the years. If Israel would learn to deal with its neighbors in a non-expansionist, non-military, humane, and respectful manner, engage in full prisoner exchanges, and sincerely strive for a viable two-state (if not one-state) solution, even those who are opposed to the idea of a state based on a particular religion could accept the state of Israel, and the question of its right to exist would scarcely arise in people's minds. But as it is, Israel still uses the issue as a justification for its behavior, as Jews all over the world use the Holocaust and conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.
2) In a conflict between a thousand-pound gorilla and a mouse, it's the gorilla who has to make concessions in order for the two sides to progress to the next level. What can the Palestinians offer in the way of concession? Israel would reply to that question: "No violent attacks of any kind." But that would leave the status quo ante bellum -- a life of unmitigated misery for the occupied, captive Palestinian people, confined to the world's largest open air concentration camp.
It is a wanton act of collective punishment that is depriving the Palestinians of food, electricity, water, money, access to the outside world ... and sleep. Israel has been sending jets flying over Gaza at night triggering sonic booms, traumatizing children. "I want nobody to sleep at night in Gaza," declared Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert[9], words suitable for Israel's tombstone.
Israel has created its worst enemies -- they helped create Hamas as a counterweight to Fatah in Palestine, and their occupation of Lebanon created Hezbollah. The current terrible bombings can be expected to keep the process going. Since its very beginning, Israel has been almost continually engaged in fighting wars and taking other people's lands. Did any better way ever occur to the idealistic Zionist pioneers?
-William Blum


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

I have a far less astute quote from an article:

"On Monday Hamas militants fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel DESPITE a 10-day Israeli military campaign that reportedly has left more than 500 Palestinians dead"

What part of "thirst for vengeance" and "nothing to lose" do they not understand? Seriously, The guy who wrote this is probably a worst Risk player than Backstabber. It's not as if Israel was bombing Tibetan monks. Come to think of it, even they stopped turning the other cheek.

Dementor said...

what do you mean?

Barbarosa said...

What do you mean, ''what do you mean?''?