Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Honour Saved!

'Twas a few weeks ago a gaggle of us were up to merrymaking and art creation. At one point, I made yet another astute example, this time, concerning Kampala, a city in Uganda.

In an exagerated fashion (I suspect she was inebriated) Woody cruelly corrected me and told the gaggle that Kampala was actually in Kenya. She said it with such authority that none dared question her, least of all myself.

But lo, and behold, it turns out the city of Kampala is not only found in Uganda, it is that republic's very capital!

Direct your attention to the map below and take a gander at the center-bottom of the country, you will find a white star in a red circle (this is African for capital). On top and associated to this Africanese symbol, you'll see the word Kampala. My PhD in Afriken (this is how the locals write it) Map Reading allows me to determine that Kampala is indeed the capital of Uganda.

Further research confirmed that Kampala was in Uganda. Witness:

The case is closed, as they say.


Dementor said...

That weird ass flag is representative of africa's generalized disfonctionality, I say.
But didnt you know the reason why Woody was sent on this earth?
To disseminate falsitudes and contribute to the chaos of it all.
She's a villain, just like I, and soon your petty little league of "hero" will be destroyed.

On another note, there's this staircase I never noticed, just there on my left, and I'm really dying to go see whats up there.

Dementor said...

and how many time did they change that congo-zaïre country's name?
Its getting very annoying. Especially for us pompous erudite who strive everyday to demonstrate our infinite knowledge to the ignorant others.

Karl Hungus said...

The fact that your screenshot displays a windows desktop means that you're still at work. So not only are you slacking on the job, you're also not doing what you're supposed to be doing with your afternoons.

Dementor said...

eating fried chicken while playing with his cock?