Monday, January 26, 2009

Yet another rant against winter (well, not quite)

Dont get me wrong. I love winter.
Especially because it killed Descartes.
This is rather indirectly against winter.
Here goes :
You know, I've got enough problems with life as it is. I mean, I can deal with the bus drivers that never respect their schedule, I can live with the fact that more people vote for reality tv than for provincial elections, I can stand my cat puking on my clothes every now and then, and I can even do with my stupid friends whose idea of a good time is to spend the night in a tent at -32 degrees on top of a mountain. But one thing I refuse to take no more are those blasted eardrum tearing, mind crushing, grandma raping towtrucks with their fucking sirens. They give me fucking balls zits everytime I hear them and now I cant see my scrotum no more. Just take the fucking cars and go! We dont need to know you're working! Just leave! Take the bloody car !

So Candyman, could you get one of those name list of yours going and send it to mayor Tremblay so he tells those towtrucks to stop using their psychosis inducing sirens, we would all be better off, even the deaf people, I'm pretty sure they can feel the waves of agression sent by those harvesters of anxiety.

Here's my name : Nerdlord Of The NES.


Barbarosa said...

Seriously. Or at least don't sound the siren so goddam long. I say two Paintrain-style toots per car. No more. If the person responsible for the car does even bother to check when they hear the siren, then they're essentially saying, ''I'm too lazy to move my car, please do it for me, I'll even pay you lots of money.''

Sounding the siren for half an eternity is just making them have to repear themselves for no reason, and well, that's just rude.

And it's simply making me hate the human-car-city combination that much more.

Master of the Craw said...

I have a cream that'llclear your scrotum right up. I was going to use it myself but my craw prevents me from doing so.

Master of the Sraw said...

I think it's appropriate that today is the day of remembrance for the victims of the holocaust.
Why, I have have a sraw to go there and fix this problem once and for all.