Sunday, January 11, 2009

Worst decision ever made.

I was watching this excellent war movie Letters From Iwo Jima when suddenly it struck me.
I know a bit of world history and I've read some war books, Kissinger's stories and some on the seven year war among others (by the way, next year will be the sad 250th anniversary of the falling of Montreal to the damned english, a date I should like to celebrate by attacking anglos in the city, for whom I've continually fostered an unremitting hatred since the day I was born)

So anyways, as I was watching this intense movie, I thought about the worst decisions that have ever been taken in the history of mankind, in terms of bodycounts and other horrors that followed.

It seems to me that no decision seems to have been more ill advised than the one taken by the japanese officer who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor. That guy was a serious lunatic. And I'm not just taking into account the two bombs. Japan got hard core fucked up previous to those. They litteraly burned the whole fucking country before nuking it.

Recess : Find a decision which, to your understanding, was the worst ever in the history of the world.


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

The burning of the Library of Alexandria. The only thing worse than wiping out a civilization is wiping out its memory. Apparently it was an accident but it was ultimately due to a bad decision on behalf of Cesar: history's greatest accidental war criminal in my book.

Barbarosa said...

I believe the worst strategic mistake was Hitler's decision to invade the USSR. It ended up breaking Nazi Germany's back.

The problem might have been too much success.

They said he could not successfully invade the Sudetenland. They were wrong.

They said he could not successfully invade France. They were wrong.

They said he could not successfully invade the USSR. They were right.

Anonymous said...

i like la ligne maginot! now that's a great and (somewhat) funny poor decision-making example!

"nah... let's not build beyond here, they'll never cross through that forest, it's too dense..."