Thursday, July 2, 2009

Super Sex Mix

Surfing the information superhighway as is my habit on hangover days, I was inspired by this question: What song do you like listening to while you make sweet sweet love?

At first I was going through a bunch of songs and then it hit me. One song? Holy premature ejaculator Batman, that ain't long. The Super Sex Mix thus imposed itself as an idea whose time has come. In my face.

Welcome to Barbarosa's Super Sex Mix Party in my pants!

Here's the list and the order.

1. Baby, baby by The Vibrators - - To get things started.

2. Thirupathi Vandha by Some Indian Dudes from the Thirupathi movie soundtrack - - To kick things up a few notches

3. Canon and Gigue in D major: I. Canon by Pachelbel - - Slow it down to let two become one. Cheesy, I know.

4. String Quartet No. 3 in F major, Op. 73 - Allegro non troppo by Dmitry Shostakovich - -Spicing things up a little

5. The Death of Love by Cradle of Filth - - Dude, it's Cradle.

6. Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of Carnivorous Winds) by Cradle of Filth - -I know it's gauche to have the same band twice in a mix and back to back at that, but did you read the title of the song? And I think the song itself would actually work very well with the sexo.

7. Fucking Hostile by Pantera from their Vulgar Display of Power album - - Bringin' it home

8. Te Comprendre by Sagacité - - For the post-sex caress.
9. Fuck You Tonight by Notorious B.I.G. - - To segue into Barnabarosa's Super Sex Mix Party 2

Your turn.


Karl Hungus said...

Are you completely insane?

Barbarosa said...

Fuck You Tonight was more of a joke than anything else.