Thursday, July 2, 2009

God Dammit!!!

So it's been 30 years and the guy who created this little plaything:

...has invented a new one: The Rubix 360

It's set to come out in August. It involves passing balls back and forth through 3 interlocking spheres. This is the part where we feel old and stupid because children are going to start solving it. But no worries, we'll be able to tell them that back in our days, 3-dimensional thinking was for the gays.

The problem is, I never solved the original, so now I only have a few months to do it before part 2. Actually, I did solve it by taking all the stickers off and placing them correctly, which is arguably thinking outside the box (or cube) hence a more creative way of thinking.


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Dementor said...

Man! I never thought of that...

I was using mirrors... damnit...