Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I predict !

While surfing the net during a Python presentation paid for by the government of the Canada, I stumbled upon what might just be the near future of the internets.
There's already a lot of interactive 3D viewers on the web out there, but the techniques are relatively new and not much compelling "interactive 3D applications" can be enjoyed to this day. I don't know about you, but so far, web adventures have only been about 2d and text for me. But it seems that things are about to change... Imagine a full 3d game for which you only need a 3d viewer plug-in to play, just step in the website, login and you're in a massive online universe... or just type in a URL and instantly step inside a 3D world designed by some psychopath who knows how to render and code his view of the world...

For those to lazy to click on the previous link, let me quote some of their explanations: "Dans une ère où la mobilité s'impose, le coeur de Leelh repose sur une technologie web 3D permettant d'intégrer le jeu directement dans un navigateur internet sans téléchargement ni installation préalable."

Internets were about 2D and text... I believe the interactive 3D internets should reclaim their initial and more aptly named title: "Cybernets".


Master of the Craw said...

well, there's also shit like quake live which is free and works out of your browser.
It's java based though.
While I like the idea of having dynamic content generated by webpages I don't think 3D in browsers is something that needs to happen specifically.
It's like web 2.0, it's going to be a buzzword but will it really change how we find out porn?

Barbarosa said...

I don't see how 3D porn would be a bad thing.

Dementor said...

You walk in a room, there's naked chick showing off their boobs and gines and shit, and then you walk in the room and you watch shit through different angles, and its all real well done, in a photorealistic matter, and you can even interact with the female individual, and have some web camera mapped on her fucking face or something. Or what about holograms, I hear they've got holograms now. Somebody inquire on this.

Dementor said...
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Dementor said...

But that dont make you any less wrong.
3D porn is something that needs to happen.
You're wrong, just like all the other christians.
I'll feast on your innards.