Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Professional Crastination

Yes, Cassinova, I know that's the name of a NOFX song. But I just found out that the best way to combat the ill effects of procrastination is to have one procrastination fight another.

I had some reading to do today, but I also had tons of stuff to arrange, organize and coordinate, as well as people to call, people to write to, some tutoring and an event to plan. I procrastinated my reading by doing all that other stuff! Now I've done it. Sweet! I have also not slept enough and I think I might be losing my mind. Not that there is much to lose.

I'm gonna read a text that started with the following quote by George Santayana : ''Our nationality is like our relations to women : too implicated in our moral nature to be changed honourably, and too accidental to be worth changing.''

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