Monday, April 9, 2007

More retarded creationists

- Look at this dinosaur dated millions of years ago.
- The bible doesn’t say so.

Case close


Karl Hungus said...

I was about to throw-up until the reporter made the joke about Earth resembling the Flintstones cartoon. Because essentially, that is what they're saying.

And what I can't understand is how they can teach science classes without using the scientific method.

Shouldn't God be smiting these guys down or something?

Dementor said...

what are we talking about here?
those crabs swirming in the crotch of the infidel american women, how do you think they were created? You think they "evolved" from nowhere? you think it was not Allah that created them to punish the infidel pun!?

By the way, my friend Faiz from facebook just taught me how the lowest levels of Heaven are still like 174 times better than a Ubisoft christmas party, and thats telling a lot. He's with the Jihad by the way. What else would he be, hes from palestine...
Qu'est-ce tu veux qu'un gars Faiz?

Anonymous said...

Merci shipwreck, merci