Sunday, April 29, 2007

Drunk in the park

So I was hanging out with Duke and Ram one fine sunny afternoon. We were just kickin' it back, drinking a few cold ones, enjoying the weirdos. All of a sudden, this dude gets up to take a piss. But he decides the piss on a big green metal box that has a sign on it reading: DANGER 100 0000 100101 010010 000 VOLTS!!!! I watched him take a really long pee, but nothing happened. The three of us then theorized that it was because he was unaware of the danger that he came out unscathed. We figured that any one of us, knowing the danger, would be more likely to get injured: such is life. Well, well, well, I've found proof that even the ignorant get their come-upins ever now and then. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Barbarosa said...

Sweet baby Jesus!

Oh, and its comeuppance or comeupance. Writer's choice.