Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Osheacaca pre-sale

if anyone's interested in buying tickets before anyone does for Osheacaca this year (which is ridiculous since all the tickets are admission générale and it's a festival that takes place at parc jean-drapeau!!!), here's a link (the link thingy in the blogger bullshit doesn't seem to work so you'll have to copy-paste it.... sorry):

here's the line-up so far:
smashing pumpkins, stars, placebo, peter bjorn and john, amy winehouse, sam roberts, paolo nutini, Xavier Caféine, au revoir simone, adam kesher, peter von poehl...
the other acts will be announced later... and right now they're only selling the two-day pass for... 150$!
i really want to see adam kesher, but i'm not paying 150$!


Master of the Craw said...

for 150$ they better offer aids free blow jobs in the park too... :\

Barbarosa said...

serious! Wait. You mean the blow jobs are free or have no aids. I can deal with the aids if their free. But that's a no go if I gotta pay.

Master of the Craw said...

tough call... would i prefer a free bj i can die from or paid oral sex that won't kill me?

i don't know but at least it'll be pearl necklaces for all... gratis.