Friday, April 6, 2007

Islamic Trivia

What follows is a facebook conversation that started between me and a member of the Islamic Jeehad. I desperately need your help to find a decent reply to his last attack. I know you can help me.

Message History
04.04.07 1:33am Faiz Hussein : Change ur name it is a disgrace to what it sounds like.
04.05.07 3:14pm Mahommet Girard: Your name sounds like a camel's fart so fuck off
04.05.07 3:20pm Faiz Hussein : Camel fart?... hmm bet u sniff that shit all day .. u damn jew


Master of the Craw said...

as everyone knows the final protocol of the elders of zion is:

Step 1: we the jews shall take over facebook and use witty pen names to make fun of the gentiles.

Step 2: we will eat their children's souls.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit

Barbarosa said...

hahaha! good one they call ignacio.

I think Cassinova's jewishness might blind her to reality. She told me Shipwreck was up to his usual anti-semitical antics, but it is clear that Camelfart is doing that.

Woody Esplanade said...

anti-semitical eh?

i thought camel fart was fictitiousical... sorry

Karl Hungus said...


BackstreetBitch said...

Could somebody tell Shipwreck that he's a real camel fart himself when he prefer to write these stupids quotes then be with me and make fucking love to me when he's in montreal?
I hate him.
I threw him out.
And where is he now???

Barbarosa said...

And yet these two persist in having me live with them. I told them it was not their couple I did not want to live with, but rather I did not want to live with A couple.

Quickly though, I'm starting to lean towards the idea that I don't want to live with THEIR couple.

Dementor said...

ok, thanks for nothing guys.
(especially Cassy, since when am I anti-semitic?)
I found a good one by myself.

by the way : dont ever sleep in your car when its below -10