Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i f anyone's interested in helping out a small festival for the sole reward of free beer and guestlists...

here, a friend is organizing the second edition of a festival devoted to torontoton bands because as we all know here in montreal, the toroniantans suck major balls and he wanted to confirm that fact by putting these lousy bands on display... i say "good work sailor!" anyhoo... he needs help and i thought i'd post this on here cause you never know...
so here's his blabber:

Hello everyone,

The festival needs you!!! If you and or any of your friends are up for helping us out with a little flyering and postering now is the time to step forward.

The fest is joyfully playing on the idea that Montrealers think that T.O bands suck. When in fact, there are some that are so good they will take a bite out of your ass! Last year we used images of black panthers mid bite (the animal not the political) and this year we will use cobras mid bite.

We had a good turn out at divan the other day but we need more helpers!

I will be working the bar at green room tonight tomorrow and wednesday if anybody wants to come by and pick up some posters and or flyers.

We are offering free tickets to all of the shows with a +1 for a friend. As well as a volunteer party on Tuesday April 3rd in the green room with two free Kegs of beer!!!

Please copy and past this off to anyone you think might want to help.

If anybody wants to volunteer but can't make it to Divan on Saturday, you can direct them to our

Thank you so much! See you Saturday!

Creative Director
Toronto Bites! Music Festival


Anonymous said...

sorry, I couldnt read your post for I was discovering the marvels of facebook. Thank you for keeping the 19 bernard alive.

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