Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Morning Junky!

I'm pretty sure I've already posted something just like this, but I think there is something wrong with me. I find it absolutely impossible to wake up in the morning unless I HAVE to! No matter how much I tell myself I should, it just does not work. So I've decided to live with it and to make myself feel better, I have attempted a new theory where manufacturers of beds put special products (referred to as "drugs" in the industry) in their beds to make them more comfortable so you stay in longer, thus wearing out the bed sooner. Sneaky rascals!


Master of the Craw said...

a bed of nails is guaranteed to be drug free.

also, i've spoken to a friend who's running a message board and he says he'd be happy to setup a sub board for the 19 bernard. i'm just curious to know how well recieved this would be. we recently switched to a different message board engine so it's still a work in progress but if you want to check it out, it's (the vt stands for vagina torpedos... i'm serious).. we're a bit... "special" i'm warning you. our board could be made seperate from that one as well, however we want it.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

It depends on how much he would appreciate having Shipwreck call him a scatophiliac (aka "un esti d'mangeux d'marde") upon arrival.

Master of the Craw said...

trust me, he wouldn't care. our board is 20% videogames, 80% stupid flames.