Friday, March 16, 2007

You Just Gotta Share That Shit

Look, I know you had to be there. Sort of like that time I was walking down the hallway at Concordiarrhea with Trebek, when I stopped in the middle of a sentence to admire the sweetest ass my eyes at been graced with.

Anyways, today at the Nacional Banq on Bernard, I enjoyed the sweetest cleavage! No, not like the one pictured above, that one's totally fake and classless. But the kitty in the middle is just funny. Anyways, I was lucky enough that while she was slightly bent over filling out a form, her cleavage was totally accessible for my viewing pleasure, and her lean meant my staring was shielding from her. Remember Seenfeld and the cleavage-sun allegory? Well, this was like a disney eclipse. Yup, you can stare and stare. Niiice! I just realized that I am 28 and I'm already a dirty old man.

Well back to the cleavage. I'll let your imagination do the walking, but everything was just perfect, from the size, shape and firmness. I could imagine myself writing an anthology of poems to her cleavage. If her cleavage was this dainty, I could only imagine her muff...

All that being said, take a look at this pic :

Imagine if you can this person's inner beauty. Yes, soak in it. Now take that inner beauty and make it an outie. Turn it into a cleavage. Voilà!

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Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Yeah, but lets just hope that it doesn't apply the other way around.