Monday, March 26, 2007


Is Duke trying to tell us something ? He's gone for a few days and I stumbled across this object on his shelf in the bathroom. It looks as if it was "accidentaly" left there to be discovered.

Duke, if you were trying to tell ME something, I'm sorry but you're just not my type. Oh, and I have a strict Kiss AND Tell policy.


Dementor said...

Sounds more like an episode of the

"Dukes of ASSard" to me!

(get it?)

Dementor said...

ok ok... forget about it.
Its facebook time for me!

Dementor said...

... thats, by the way... in case you didnt know...
(my name is Mohammet Girard)


Master of the Craw said...

i don't get kids nowadays and this facebook business.

i do get people plucking their ass hairs with a nose thingamabob.