Saturday, September 16, 2006

fat kids make me laugh. LolOlOllOloloL

they do... i mean, look at them!


Anonymous said...

Y'a un gros en chacun de nous, tu sauras!

Barbarosa said...

hahaHAHA! Ça me rappelle la photo que j'ai vu d'un ostie de gros tas qui avait un t-shirt sur lequel on pouvait lire: "I beat anorexia!"


alex trebek said...

let me just direct your attention to the asian (now for the un-pc, the chink, the wong, whatever race he's from they're all the same aren't they???)'s arms... does he work for michelin yet?

Dementor said...

The sad thing is he's not even asian, its the fat that makes him look that way.
Flubby fucker.