Monday, September 14, 2009


I just saw Reanimator for the first time tonight and Dear Jesus, I gotta say that cat scene was pure genius, on every level possible. I'm probably the only person around here who hadn't seen it and I won't tell you to go rent it so we can have a nice chat on the different levels. What I will say is I've had a roommate who owned a cat that had a very bad character. And this cat had decided to sleep in my bed on our very first night of collocation. Not only had it decided to sleep in my bed without any regard to my opinion on the subject, but it refused me access to my room. Every time I'd go in my room it would very violently scream at me. So I hit it with a broom. That cat never came back in my room. It actually never stayed in any room I was in.
Reanimator man. There's more than cat scenes though. You should go rent it, so we can discuss it next time.

My first real bicycle had 44 teeth on the front sprocket, and 14 on the back wheel cog.
It had tires that were 28mm wide and a nightmare to put on, but they lasted me for more than 2 years. Of course they were very hard and I fell about 4 times because of wet surfaces, but overall, they were a fun ride. The train drive was not aligned and the chain kept falling off, a most unpleasant ordeal for someone having to commute through about 20km every day. The last time the chain came off the back wheel hub threading was completely destroyed by the cog that went sliding on the side and ripping off all the aluminium on it's way. The chain fell on the inside of the wheel so it locked it solid. I never managed to skid properly, what with my long awkward legs, but that day I skidded on about 3 meters and it did smell of burnt rubber. So I walked. I love walking. But there's nothing sadder then walking with a broken bike on your side, and having to look at other bikes pass you by. Except maybe children soldiers. But even they get to play with guns, while I'm stuck with a fucked up bike.

My second real bicycle has 46 teeth on the front sprocket and 16 on the cog, making for a ratio of 2.875, which is far lesser than 3,1428571428571428571428571428571 (44/14)

44/14 is perfect for racing on a relatively flat terrain. Hills are easy for the legs, but it's too hard on the aluminium, unless your chain tension is perfect, and even then. One day I'll have a titanium sprocket.

titanium sprocket

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