Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be there.


Dementor said...

I would like to improvise myself a Art Critique just now, and Art Critique Mr. Todaro's exhibit of Art.
Then I shall continue and tell more of my insipid remarks on diverse subjects, such as warfare in the - 24 934th century.

Mr. Todaro's Art exhibit was quite mindgebuxhling. Now what struck us first about this statement was that the word mindgebuxhling was not determined to be an orthograph fault, but orthaugraphe was indeed a faute d'orthaugraphe, but this time it wasn't.

I very much liked Quentin Tarantino's last movie. Indeed it was quite a bit redundant and, as my dear friend Spazs well said, it was juvenile. But juvenile and redundant is what makes the best experiences. What I especially didn't like was the part where Brad Pitt's character inserts his finger in the gal's slug hole wound, and she's acting as if someone was pulling her ears. Apart from that, that movie was pretty good. There was that other part where the Evil Multi-lingual Nazi dude strikes the deal at the end. That was pretty fucking unacceptable. But apart from that, the movie was pretty ok.

Dementor said...

Warfare in the year minus twenty four thousand nine hundred and thirty-four was quite primitive. It usually implied a log, and some kind of skull crushing rock. Sometimes, belligerent parties would use wild animals to kill off each other.
They would tie the testicles of wild hogs and free them not far from the other tribes camp.
Massacre was swift and thorough.

Dementor said...


I drank again.