Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smell of burnt tire

It was not too late, round about midnight, we went for a ride with Spazz.
The objective was the tower, the 17th century tower on Ste-Hélène Isle; we were to ride over there and smoke some pot and then come back.

We saw some pretty amazing shit.

But then, out of nowhere, this bad bitch specimen of the female human specie shows up driving a fucking mini van alone my chain came off. My fucking chain came off just as she was pulling out of the fucking parking. So I fall on my saddle and pull on the break.

My chain keeps coming off.

It's so fucking goddamn dangerous.


WHY do I love Jennifer Connely. I could marry her, and then gouge out her eyes for breakfast. Then act as if nothing ever happened between us, just out of pride.
Pride and Predatorism.

its so easy to find this kind of shtuff on the internet.

poor kids.

Poor fucking kids, no more imagination left.

The internets are the death of imagination.

(I always imagined Jennifer Connely with dark purple nipples.)