Friday, August 28, 2009

Public Announcement

Let it be known that We have completely stopped drinking alcohol two days ago.

People who read this blog, if any, will be glad to know that Our drunken posts will no longer appear here to irritate them.

On another subject, We would like to express Our newly acquired sober pleasantness by writing a poem on flowers :

Flowers in my backyard
You are so lovely I could cry
You make the world a better place
Flowers in my backyard
You are such beautiful flowers
You calm down my little soldiers


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

I was drinking with you last night! I think what you mean to say is that you didn't drink for 2 entire days. I guess congratulations are in order, then.

Dementor said...

I beg to differ. I did not sip more than 150ml of beers.

That is not drinking, rather tasting a slightly alcoholic beverage.