Monday, August 3, 2009

(B)ryan Adams

I was not wrong about Bryan Adams.

He was who I thought he was and he was born in 1959. I merely got his name wrong which is a technicality. On that note, who the fuck is Ryan Adams? You really thought that I thought that this greenhorn

sang summer of '69?

Give me some credit!

(Ironically, I almost posted the pictures backwards. That would have been stupid funny)


Dementor said...

Bryan Adams is the guy that spent his whole summer licking a puss while getting a blowjob. At least thats what he says.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Actually, the Wikipedia article about the song is pretty elaborate on this topic. Apparently, one of the two songwriters claims it was about chupaverga and cunnilingus while the other claims it really was about the summer of 1969. It seems the second guy never got that Bryan Adams was only 10 years old in 1969.

Dementor said...

Do you really want me to get visual proofs that 10 years old do indulge in oral sex?

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

There's no need to dig into your archives. I believe you.