Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heed the man's last words.

I might be dying so read these as if they were my last words.

My friend Etienne is on hunting mode, as are hundreds of other lonely men like him. But Etienne is a nice guy, so it's ok. He's not like the other cold call dudes. He just presents himself nicely to girls, but they don't always react too good. Some of them are just plain fucking stuck up bitches who don't know shit about life. They're like 22 or something and they think they's the shit. But they ain't! They ain't worth shit! So I'm sitting at the bar with my buddy Etienne, and he presents himself to this girl. Now this is the kind of girl who's super self-conscious, she's well presented of course, she spent like 3 hours working on her fucking face before going out. So Etienne is being nice and all, and she completely tells him to fuck off.

At this point, I'm thinking about my options, as I'm sitting between the bad bitch and my buddy.
It took me about 4,12 seconds to explain to her: "HEY! C'est pas des manières de parler au monde ça!? T'es dans un bar, c'est sûr que l'monde vont t'adresser la parole?! Si tu voulais pas te faire déranger, t'avais qu'à rester chez vous!"
or something like this.
So she looks at me, and then starts telling me how sorry she is!

She told me she was sorry!

what a fucking bitch!

Jui ai dit de manger dla marde quand même. "JE M'EN CALISSE, MANGE DE LA MARDE."

I'm thirty you know, it's over. I don't have any more patience for these young stupid girls. I will not tolerate any other kind of abuse from these stupid idiot, ignorant, young, impertinent, stupid fucking bitches.

I'M SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING POOR OLD HONEST BOYS GETTING TREATED LIKE SHIT BY THESE FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF INSECURE FEMALE BASTARDS. You are 22, I'm 30, I was nice, you was a bitch, I weight 200 pounds, you weight 90 pounds, next time, I will crush you. I will crush you and I will eat you alive. I will chew you up and spit you out.

And even if was 90 pounds and you was 300, I'd still fuck you up, cause I'm holier than thou, bitch!


Karl Hungus said...

You need to go play with yourself. You know, let out some of those little angry soldiers. It sounds to me like they're having a pub brawl down there.

Dementor said...

Nah, thats not it.

I need to stop drinking is what is it.

Barbarosa said...

You need to continue entertaining me, that's what you need to do.