Sunday, August 2, 2009


I would like to advise you all that I will have reached the respectable age of 30 by next Thursday. I will be 30 on Thursday and I now know what I'll do when I grow up: I will be a Viking.

By this Sword in my hand, let it be known that a Tynwald will be taking place at my
house, on the northern side of our Isle. All Heathens are invited.
We will celebrate the Gods with proper Galdrs and Blots and make sure the baneful wights stay astray. Bring all gandrs and much Alu, for the Elder Kin in Asgardh are looking upon us with high expectations, and we must not disappoint them.

On another crucial subject, I believe that anyone who poses naked on the net and then later regrets it is a total mental retardee.

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Barbarosa said...

Pirate heart!