Saturday, February 17, 2007


So, I, huh, was at the the green coloured living room and upon exiting the lavatory I was met by a bunch of eager "fat chicks".

And, wow!, were they eager! One of them even gave me the eye! I ain't talking no 'she looked at me', she gave me the EYE!

20cents even told me: "Fonce dans le tas!"

Which I found way too funny!

Needless to say, they moved out and shifted direction. Thank god for my unsoiled underpants.

Funny how the worst failure in the game of love can still find it in himself to laugh at others.


I'm confused. Should I laugh at myself first, or those other losers? Or just drink my piss?


Dementor said...

Start by changing your name to Duke.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Does that make me Flint or Duke now? I'm confused

Karl Hungus said...

That makes you in the army, and confused.

Karl Hungus said...


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

At least I don't wear my own face as jewelry

Dementor said...

Hey, dont ask dont tell... AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.