Monday, February 5, 2007


"I wish I had gone to more orgies!"

I got a bad feeling about this one guys.
Going back to Tronto in a couple of minutes.
Its dead cold outside.
My car`s making a weird noise.
If I dont make it, I want you to know I never really were who you thought I was, but that doesnt matter anymore since by the time you read these lines my bowels will be spread on the 401, the sandwich I just ate mixed in my encephalon. I love you guys.
Please have fun at my funerals, just like I know I'd have fun at yours.


Barbarosa said...

No! I'm not going to have fun at your funeral as you would have fun at mine. I do NOT enjoy spreading caca on your cold, lifeless corpse.

BackstreetBitch said...

je comprends pas.
Pourquoi tu as la sandwich dans la tête?
c'était une bonne sandwich.

Karl Hungus said...

Do you give me permission to dance on your grave? And by dance, I mean the Lambada.

...with a corpse.

Anonymous said...

was it a smoked meat sandwich?