Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Reverso

While you wait to protect yourself from quadripedal robots here is something for you to do:


Unreal Development Kit brings Unreal Engine development to the masses
by Christopher Grant { Nov 5th 2009 at 11:10AM }

No, Whizzle and The Ball aren't Cincinatti's crazy drive-time zoo crew, rocking WKRP with six hours of fart jokes, crank calls, and toilet-flushing sound effects – instead, they're two new indie games built entirely using the hey-isn't-that-expensive Unreal Engine 3. Or, if you want to get specific, built using the just-announced (though expected) Unreal Development Kit, or UDK for the acronymical out there. Sure, Unreal Engine 3 is super enough to bring you games like Gears of War 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum, but as long as you're using it for non-commercial or educational purposes, UDK is available totally free of charge.

You can download the Unreal Development Kit for yourself from Big Download, and while you're over there read their blowout coverage, including interviews with Epic Games, Whizzle's Psyonix Studios, and The Ball's Toltec Studios. We've got images and descriptions of both games, along with a video from Psyonix, after the break.

So why don't you make a game about zombie nazis fighting autonomous all terrain robots while listening to slayer and watching women explosively eject their menses? If that's the sort of thing you're into of course.


Karl Hungus said...

And when you make your first Million, give me half; or I'm telling everybody about your little secret.

Master of the Craw said...

You promised you wouldn't tell! What we did that night by the water was special!

Dementor said...

Fucking hell!

Candyman, can't you read? It says you can't use it for commercial use.

Oh, you meant make your first Million of leeching nerd friends? Yeah, sure, you can have half of them, geez, take all of them if you want.

Dementor said...

I was thinking about this game :

Weaver VS Shwarzennegger

(a 2 character fighter)