Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Friendly Question

Think about all your friends. Let's define friends as someone you could easily have a beer with for an hour. This can be a pretty wide or narrow population depending on how social you are.

Now that you have a group of people in mind, let's say some nefarious personage gave you the following choice: "I will cut off your dick and balls or kill one of your friends."

What do you choose and who do you have killed?

Please don't use real names. Do use code names (with an explanation if needed) to refer to real people though.

I'll go first. I'm keeping my dick and balls so I'm going to get Sidney (he walks on cars) killed. I don't have anything against him, in fact I like hanging around with him. I just think it would be funny to think I had him killed. Also, it totally sounds like the type of thing that would happen to him, so no one would question it.


Karl Hungus said...

I would kill you, without hesitation. The reason? For asking such a stupid question and publicly pitting me against my friends.

No hesitation.

Barbarosa said...

Do go ahead and kill me for asking a stupid question, but isn't answering a question giving it credence?

What would you do to punish yourself for doing such a thing?

Perhaps you could cut your dick and balls off. Only makes sense.

Dementor said...

I use the facebook definition of friend and would kill off (name encrypted with Enigma) meile aslme, because its unacceptable that someone else uses the name. Especially that fat ugly bastard.