Thursday, December 29, 2011

Collapse and the Abus.

You know, according to none other than George Soros, "most people don't realize the system has collapsed".

Pseudo journalists in the medias are asking if we're in recession.
Nobody's telling us the truth, except for obscure internet journalists.
I was reading this article which led me to this one, and then this one, and suddenly this thought that already had hit me before hit me again, but this time with more clarity.

Maybe the Abus are right (except for the parts on religion, and their take on women, and the human rights and stuff), maybe they're right about calling for a rejection of our western societies.

I'm thinking about the best way to definitely break apart with this society, and enter a new one. I just haven't found the good warp zone that will lead me to my new self.

But then again, do I really want to be on the side against the robots autonomously taking all the ethical decisions?

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