Thursday, December 15, 2011

Am I Evil? Vol.2

Earlier today, I stepped into the bath to trim my asshole.
It was long overdue, after two full days of neglecting.
As I bent over with my mirror and razor in hands, I noticed an ant caught with me in the bath.
It was struggling against the smooth walls, trying to evade this deathly prison.
Its efforts were impressive, as it even used the human hair and micro pebbles of shit lying around to climb its way out.
As I watch its desperate struggle to escape, my first thought was not to feel sorry for this small, helpless wonder of nature, no. My first thought was to think how amusing it would be if I just stood there and watch it die out of thirst. And then I proceeded to the trimming of my asshole.

According to this piece of shit of a website, I'm 98% evil.


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Holy shit! But where the hell was Slayer?

Dementor said...

Theres Lombardo to the right of metallica's douche of a drummer. (with a gray t-shirt and cap)

Karl Hungus said...

I feel inadequate. I'm only 66% evil. :(