Friday, April 22, 2011

I used to go to this little arcade...

It was actually more of a video store, it only had 2 games which were the hacked version of Street Fighter II with shit flying (so called rainbow edition in the video below) and a Mortal Kombat II machine that was right next to the porn section. It was the first place I had seen some poor underpaid woman take more penis in all her holes than most women will probably take in a lifetime and the entire experience was combined with balls to the wall violence and gore.

I loved fighting games back in the day and I still do. Of all the things I use my Xbox for about 90% of them involve fighting games. I also tend to play them obsessively to the point where I get better than most people at it and that gets myself into trouble. Like the one time some really big dude kept on losing to me because he didn't quite understand that if he jumped at me out of the blue I could just uppercut him for most of his life on reaction. It got to the point that when we left the "arcade" he was there waiting for me and tried to shove me in front of a moving bus but missed and smacked me on the side of it instead.

Fast forward about 20 years and I'm on my 360, enjoying a "I have just had the last exams of my Bachelors degree" beer (a fine Samson dark ale) mashing on those buttons and hearing the dude on the other end, via Xbox Live, yell into my ear a great many epithets questioning my sexual orientation and what he may or may not have done to my poor mother last night, and all of a sudden I'm taken right back to that shitty video store with the poorly guarded porn section, the murderous dudes and the constant cigarette smoke coming from the other patrons.
Of course I realize by now that I'm an old man, I haven't had a cigarette in like 2 years, I'm not with some dude from Brebeuf who swears he can help me rig the coin slot so you only need to use one coin and there's a passed out naked woman in the bed not a meter away from me so things are a bit different but still, shit brings me back.

So yeah, I got Mortal Kombat 9. People get eviscerated and heads come off. It's a guilty pleasure and probably lost on anyone who didn't hang out in arcades in the 90's but it's still a fun time.


Barbarosa said...

You're not talking about Jamano, which place you be talkin' bout?

Also, for your bachelors, we go out or just have an epic games' night?

Dementor said...


Dementor said...

Also, I'm glad you're on the 360 side of things, cause I hate crazy mofos who never lose at fighting games. I hate them.

Master of the Craw said...

Nah, jamano was a comic book store. This was a small little video store near breboeuf, really close to the the jewish general.

can't recall the name though.